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  1. Hello everyone I am currently trying to use pod farm 2.3.3, with pro tools 12.3.1. But when I create an audio track in pro tools, no pod farm inserts show up. Here is all my gear before I get started: -Pod farm version 2 cd software. (came with line 6 ux2 pod studio box) -line 6 ux2 audio interface. -Pro tools 12.3.1. -windows 8.1. - (and obviously a guitar/ cable) Steps I took in trying to start pod farm 2 up with pro tools. 1. completely uninstalled everything 2. put in pod farm 2 cd. (it's an older version that can be updated, from 2010) 3. throughout the installation menu I of course selected "install for ilok" 4. I checked off all the plug ins. 5. I set my destination folder to pro tools in avid. 6. All the plugin .dll, Or vsa plug in files were created in pro tools folder. 7. Went into pro tools>created new track>inserts, and nothing for pod farm was found. (I am aware that i can install pod farm, and the monkey line 6 licence manager, and update pod farm, and my drivers. The problem is it works for my computer but not in pro tools). Is there a way to make it so pro tools sees my pod farm plug ins? Do I need to add my pod farm license into my pro tools account, or vise versa? Is there a way to manually add pod farm plugins to pro tools, in pro tools?
  2. Hello everyone, I have a few questions about using pod farm 2.55, with studio 1 free. Before I begin i'd like to make note of what I am currently using as of now. Equipment: -ux2 line 6. -studio 1, free. -podfarm v2.55 -windows 8, 64-bit, 8gb+. -processor a6-4400M. Alright, the issue I am having is using the plug-ins from pod farm 2.5 with studio 1. I am aware that i can run pod farm, and studio 1 separately and just record the amps/etc from pod farm 2 in studio 1. Instead, I would like to be able to search/use the plugins from pod farm 2.5 in studio 1. The problem is, when I run studio 1, create a new song, click files>documents>line 6>tones>guitar, there are no pod farm plugins in there. Is it possible to get the pod farm 2.55 plugins to work in studio 1? Do i need to convert the pod farm plug-ins into a different file? If so please let me know, if not then hey it is what it is. Thanks for your time, and I hope you guys can give me some answers :).
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