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  1. I’m not convinced that we will actually see a 3rd generation of Variax guitars... We’ll see...
  2. It wasn’t me...I read about it on L6 forums about 4+ years ago... May even be on the old forums... As I said earlier I never sent mine for repair cause the shipping cost from Greece would be more than 250€...
  3. Yeah the problem is that they avoid changing boards... If that was the case then the guy that sent his guitar over 4 times would have a board replace... 4 times man and they never replaced his pcb... I wish i could just buy another pcb and be done with this nonsense... And the ironic part is that i knew about this issue... I have literally seen comments saying DO NOT BUY A VARIAX IF YOU DONT PLAY IT FIRST... But i could never avoid it... My L6 distributor has discontinued the variax line but even before that, they never got the 89 or 89f in stock... I had to buy from another country knowing that i could get a faulty guitar... And the roulette failed me i guess :/
  4. Just post on facebook and ask for one... I'm pretty sure you're gonna find one really fast... Even though i would love to see you succeed in repairing this issue (cause that means you could help me fix mine too :P ), i will agree with the guys that are saying that this is not something that can be fixed... If Line6 could not get this fixed having the knowledge of how this thing actually works and of course access to schematics and testing equipment and dozens of boards and guitars to test, i don't think anyone else can fix it... Well except if the guy who designed the electronics got fired and the rest of the team can't solve it on their own, we will never know what truly happened... Don't get me wrong, if you do have the nerves, the time and the funds to go after this issue, go ahead! I would do the same but i certainly lack the funds, the knowledge and the time to even try... If you read this thread(or many others) you will see that all the guys that had this issue and sent their guitar to L6 for repair, got replaced piezos... I remember reading from a guy that sent his guitar like 3 or 4 times to L6 and they never fixed the issue for him... They clearly DO NOT KNOW why this happens... And again i feel very let down by the company i have promoted so much to many guitar players over the years, having debates about the technology and why guitar players shouldn't look away from L6 and why they actually need a setup like this... Not even to mention the money i actually paid for this guitar that does not deliver what was promised... It's not so much about the money as in the fact that i really wanted this to work as it was supposed to... Such a cool tech and having a flaw like that and providing no real solution whatsoever... I really feel sorry for me, for all the other guys that have this problem and for L6 as a company... So much potential wasted... Even Stevic from Twelve Foot Ninja(the guy that designed the Shuriken) was asked all the time about the plink and how he got rid of it, making him publish a video on youtube to demonstrate and ask what they are actually talking about... I guess that's what happens when you get cherry picked samples and the rest of us mere mortals get them at random... He doesn't actually know what's going on with the guitars the customers get... All they ever say is turn down the gain... If i wanted to turn down the freaking gain i wouldn't have bought a 24-fret floyd rose equipped guitar... I freaking play Dream Theater ffs :/ :/
  5. You didn’t notice my username lol.. we talked over on Facebook... I’m based on Greece and no I wouldn’t sell her... This guitar has been my dream for years since it came out and I’ve been saving forever to get her (yeah I know it’s not that expensive but with the salaries we get in Greece I could buy a car instead lol)... Even if she never delivered what I wanted, she still is special to me i guess :/
  6. I can’t... it’s been a year since I bought it from another country... I’m stuck with it for good... i made peace with it, it is what it is...
  7. Like I said, palm muting is not even the problem... Touching the string softly with my pick makes it plink...
  8. Oh I didn’t think about that... So basically whenever I switch to a different tuning the plink frequency will shift too... Not practical at all...
  9. A range from 1.6 to 1.7 or one at exactly 1.6 and one at exactly 1.7?
  10. if I judge by my 89f, the plink is very hearable even if I don’t palm mute at all... Just the pick touching the string even so slightly triggers a plink that with some of my tones it goes into a feedback like sound... I wish I had a scope to analyze the exact frequency the plink produces so I could try to EQ it down...
  11. The plinking occurs no matter how you handle your picking, i can even make it happen by just softly touching the string with my pick without it even making any other sound except the plink... It's more of a very high pitched artifact... The pcb is the same across the entire jtv family but i hear they are "branded" differently at the factory... They kinda use a different tuned firmware for each body the pcb goes into... Again this is what i have heard, so i'm not sure... I have a Variax 500 that has the same issue on the low-E string but it's not that bad... I could swear the guitar was fine until i got my 89F(in which i noticed the plink right away). Then i tried with my 500 to see if it does the same and there it was... Just much less apparent hence i never noticed until then... The plink is more obvious the higher the gain so my theory is that all JTVs could potentially have this issue but not everyone uses their guitar for high gain tones... The 89F is a model that is mostly purchased by people who use high-gain tones so they can tell right away... I gave my 89F to a friend and he didn't notice anything.. You know why? Cause he plays jazz and country xD Never uses a high-gain tone.. Me on the other hand i mostly practice Dream Theater so i could tell from the first minute...
  12. Yeah and that really is a shame :/ I made peace with my 89F having the plink... The only way to get rid of it would be to swap the board and hope for the best... So yeah, good luck with that i guess xD I was reading about a guy who sent his guitar over like 4 times and they always either did nothing or swapped the piezo pickup of the Low E... BTW i took the time to test the same piezo pickup on all 6 connections on the board... My 89F also has the plink on other strings, its just not apparent the way the other strings are tuned... I do laptop and console board repair for a living and i thought i could give it a shot to try and diagnose the pcb... The problem is that L6 uses proprietary chips and of course there are no schematics available... I have found some schematics of the old gen variax and if it's anywhere close to the 89F then the pcb devides the strings in 3 groups and feeds it to 3 l6 made proprietary chips, each chip handling 2 strings(the same chip is also used in some line6 amps)... Each piezo pickup has to pass through a circuit with resistors, caps and an amplifier... It could very well be a faulty resistor that's causing all these issues... I really don't know how line6 approached this issue but if you give this guitar with this issue to a guitar technician to figure it out, then good luck... This issue needs to be solved by an electronics engineer who also understands stuff about guitars... After so much searching and saving money for so long to get my 89F i really can't afford to brick it(Given the fact that if i do brick it i will most likely never get my hands on a new board). If someone could sacrifice a guitar for testing out a potential fix to this issue i would be happy to try and give it a shot i guess lol :P The only "safe" fix i can think about is swapping the low E string connector with another string that doesn't have the issue and it wont be as apparent once it does...Then take the time to reprogram all alternate tunings to the new layout... Again such a shame to have this issue and have no other alternatives... I bought mine knowing about the potential problem since there's no other guitar on the planet that can do what the variax does... For now i made peace with it, i mostly use the mags and only use the modelling for crunch tones or alternate tuning ONLY i really have to...
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