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  1. Thanks, Bill, I actually did try a different power supply as well, with no change. :(
  2. Hey all, trying to figure out if anybody has run into this issue before. My POD X3 Live will not boot, and when powered on displays "UPDATE FLASH" on the LCD. If I connect to a PC, I am able to reload the flash and recover. The next time I power on, however, I am back to UPDATE FLASH. Once in a great while (1 of 500?), the POD will actually boot and work normally when I power on. I have reset to factory defaults using the service menu, but no change. I know I can take it into a Line 6 repair shop, but they are going to charge a $75 diagnostic fee and I have a feeling that the repair charge will probably be more than the unit is worth at this point. Any thoughts / suggestions welcome. I have no issues cracking the unit open if there are any serviceable bits inside. thanks! mike
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