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  1. Thank you very much for the Link. I never would have thought about 'Incorrect hardware on JTV-89?' as a search topic :-D But as I understand it, it's the other way around. At least the european version should be with black hardware.
  2. Hi guys, I'm a little confused about the bridge color of the JTV. I found several pictures with 'chrome' or 'black' bridges, but I can't find the difference in the models. Even on the model description page there are different colors: http://line6.com/jtv-89/seehear/photos http://l6c.scdn.line6.net/data/6/0a06434d71474f716fea4f466/image/jpeg/file.jpeg http://l6c.scdn.line6.net/data/6/0a06434d74a44f7170d9b46e9/image/jpeg/file.jpeg I prefer the black bridge. If it's a model update, that would be perfect :-) Thank you for your help.
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