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  1. Wow, unbelievable. The 8th of October beta fixed my issues. So it was Apple's problem in the end up. I'd strongly recommend testing functionality after updating. Mine is fine :D
  2. So, I contacted the administrator known as Line6Tony about the new OS X driver and received the following response on the 8th of October: Hello Jordan. I apologize for the trouble you and other customers run into regarding our driver. Unfortunately, we do not have a firm date for a release, as there are many variables in play when resolving software issues. Please know that it is a high priority within the company, as we realize many of our customers are now using El Capitan as their OS. So basically, they're still working on it and it's not close to being finished.
  3. I would have to agree, the beta software for El Capitan has been available for literally months. Last year the drivers were released 2 days before Yosemite. It's now almost 2 weeks after the El Capitan public release and still no drivers. Poor show Line 6, poor show.
  4. toonsms: My POD HD500 seems to interact as it should with HD Edit, Monkey and Licence Manager on El Capitan. My only issue is that I can't use it as an audio device for media consumption or to produce music in Logic. I mean it appears and I can select it but it doesn't work.
  5. Cheers for all the replies guys! Pleased to hear it's not just me having this particular issue. The problem I'm having in Logic with the HD500 is sample rate synchronisation. Hopefully a new driver update will come pretty soon after the El Capitan public release :)
  6. I'm currently running the 4th public beta of OSX El Capitan which will be released to all Mac users in the near future. I've encountered an issue where the operating system is not able to use the POD HD500 as an external soundcard for music production in Logic Pro X or even just for general media consumption. I was going to chalk it up to it being an unperfected beta release but the curious thing is that my Native Instruments Guitar Rig audio device works perfectly fine. Will Line 6 release a driver update after the public release of the operating system? Have Line 6 had to do this in the past when new operating systems are released? Anyone experiencing a similar issue? Any feedback would be much obliged. Cheers, Jordan.
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