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  1. I wanted to buy an Onyx limited edition. My JTV89 was stollen and I don’t have the money to replace it. I simply don’t like the plain wood head stocks on the standards. Is there another run of onyx coming?
  2. I use the A/B Crossover. I made a video about this on youtube, the patch is on tone sharing and it is called "on your 6" I tried posting a link to the youtube video but it doesn't seem to let me.
  3. When I have Presonus Studio Live plugged into firewire to my mac I cannot plug in my Helix to the USB. In logic pro. I have Logic audio settings set for the Presonus. Every time I plug in the helix, the helix freezes. I then have to restart my helix with the USB unplugged. I can use either, my Presonus or my Helix. Why can't they just be friends?
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