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  1. Old post but just facing issues. HD 500 to DT25 sounds great and loud. Let say at a 1/4 - 1/3 volume was enough to play with a band with acoustic drum. Helix LT to DT25 seems to be half or less volume compared even with master volume knob maximum. I don't know if this could be related to DT25 firmare (I don't know what's installed in). For sure Helix firmware has been updated to 2.92 Means to change for me entire setup
  2. Yes it was exactly what I was thinking.. I need a place where setup my presets at right volume. Then I will do final "accurate" adjustments Thank you!
  3. That was my idea also. The problem remains the behavior of the amp that it completely different from home using to live application (I don't use Low volume mode because it limitate too much the tone range, but even normal mode at low volume is different) But the advantage you take from amp response is priceless at the end, because you have the right punch to emerge in the instruments mix. I just need to understand the relation between this two ways of playing and adjust it.
  4. Hi, after solving an issue on Pod HD 500 drive knob I've finally tried it with DT25 amp (L6 link) at the right volume with the band. Ok, great impression about sound and loudness...I'm quite satisfied..Even the XLR direct output from DT25 to the mixer seems to work properly (considering the bad quality of our PA speakers).....but I have some doubts about distorted/High gain sounds. Now I want just to ask to everyone have the PoD HD + DT amp what's their favorites setting. I use Amp models PRE only, and i notice that it's sound good if a use the speaker simulation also with clean sounds (I.e. Tweed pre + 4x10 Tweed or 2x12 Deluxe). I found difficult understand if the cabinet simulation it's too much with distorted or high gain sounds. What's your idea about? From the moment that the Amp has its own speaker (it seems a quality speaker also)...do you think it's too much add also the speaker simulation? This because I have created some Clean/Twang/Crunchy sounds (Stones oriented) with the speaker simulation also and I love them, but I don't find the same results with distorted (so actually I prefer to disable the Cabinet emulation). I mean distorted sound for rhythm or lead for rock-Hard rock (not Metal) This considering always that the behavior of the amp DT25 is exactly has you expect from a tube amp...so it changes completely from low volume (home practice) to live use (40-50 % of master volume is my setting)…and I can’t test the presets at home at the right volume (living in a flat) Any comment will be appreciated. I hope my English is good enough to be understood.
  5. Yes but in my case, after a couple of days things get worse and immediately after recall a preset I see it starts changing by itself. It takes the value of drive knob position and it start moves slowly up or down (i.e. Drive=19 after 10 sec you see it changes to 20, 21,22...adrift)
  6. Solved with pedalboard replacement... ;)
  7. Presets was saved obiouvsly and nothing like the guitar cable touches the "amp knobs" It starts with changing from the std view to the amp view by itself...but the drive remains the same. At the beginning I was thinking about the L6 link (because I use in that way with DT25 amp)....I was thinking about the XLR cable used for L6 link was not good (it says something about this on the manual) but even removing the cable the issue remains. Now when I recalled the preset I found out always a fixed value of drive per each preset (i.e 19) even when drive settings are different per each preset saved. Even opening it with PODHD500 Edit (USB connected to laptop) I notice that opening the preset after a couple of seconds it changes to the fixed "strange"drive value. Therefore...I'm going tho call the shop where I've purchased to replace it. Bye.
  8. Yes...it seems to be worst...everytime I connect....I will do the warranty replacement, even because the Firmware was already the last one. I find the way to save my user preset on PC, and I'm satisfied. Thanks a lot
  9. Hi...from Italy, just purchase HD500 4 day ago ....saving my presets on USER1 bank store and I noticed that I had continuosly the panel of the amp visualized on display...even if I'm not turning amp knobs. Sometimes every 10 sec...sometimes every 2 sec. I've noticed that the drive knob value on the screen change by itself (it could increase slowly...or decrease) I've notice immediately after understanding the meaning of the asterisc (that means preset modified) , it appears immediately after changing presets. The knob with the problem is the drive ampknob (N.9 on Pilot’s Handbook) Does anyone know if is something solvable...(firmware update i.e...or anyting else) or it's better to apply the warranty replacement?? Thanks in advance
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