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  1. Well, HijlkoSoepboer: you've asked a lot of questions but to get to the main question you're asking, what I meant by "live worship setting" is a non-acoustic setting, where all the instruments are plugged into an amp or PA system and the service is "live" verses recorded in a studio setting.
  2. Thanks for your comments Claybert. I love the versatility of the JTV-59 and the tones for playing lead were great but I found I was getinga little overwhelmed with all the options and spending way too much time trying to dial in the tone I wanted. So sadly, I returned my JTV-59. I usually play rhythm and lead worship with my Taylor T5 running through the Line 6 POD HD 500. I love the clean and dirty tones I can get through the Vox AC30 TB.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Do you use your JTV for rhythm or lead guitar? What is a typical setup that you use for rhythm guitar?
  4. Anyone use a JTV guitar plus the POD HD500 for rhythm guitar in a live worship setting? If so, what guitar models are you using? Which amps and effects pedals? Please share your setup. Thx.
  5. Has anyone used the Vintage pre with the modeled acoustics guitars on the James Tyler Variax guitars? If so where in the signal chain and at what setting?
  6. When you use the acoustic guitar models on a Variax with the POD HD, do you need an amp block to get the acoustic tone when running through a PA system? I can't seem to get any sound unless I run it with a amp block in my signal chain.
  7. Can the VDI cable that comes with the Variax guitars be used for connecting to a POD HD for live performance or do I have to have a VDI cable with the shielded connector on both ends?
  8. I just bought my JTV-59 Cherry Sunburst. When I was testing it out at Guitar Center, I had a little trouble with the above knobs they didn't seem very responsive and needed a little force/repetitive pushing before it would engage. That should have been a red flag. When I got home, it took many attempts before those knobs would engage and give me access to the different guitar models. Is that a defect in this particular guitar or are these knobs not that sensitive?
  9. @hurghanico: I did try making that adjustment but it just seemed to bring the volumn up without extending the sustain. But I'll try it again
  10. I'm using an overdrive pedal and tube screamer with the red conpression pedal and a noise gate. But I can't seem to get a very long sustain. I get the distortion sound I want but the distortion tone seems to fade out while the clean tone carries much longer. Any tips?
  11. Thanks Flying Squirrel. Good suggestion.
  12. Which distortion pedal do you think works best in a worship setting?
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