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  1. I had pod ux2 and my podfarm 2 had been installed for 8 years, installed from disc. Which I still have. I used to use it with a program called energyxt till I moved all my projects working on an album to reaper. But trying to use pod farm on reaper just had no effect. Whether I chose to run x64 or x86, (My computer is 64 bit but for some reason only x86 worked on energy xt.) Podfarm pluggin just sat. Nothing on the meters. No change to track audio. I was using it the same way I did on energy. I tried to go into the standalone software and change to my podhd500x as its hardware bc I use that to interface out to monitors in case that was problem. But it didn't work for that or my ux2. Go to Google. Someone says uninstall and reinstall in another thread. Download newest version. Install. (It wasn't until after I realized maybe I should've just tried restarting the computer.) All my models are gone. I only had the effects junkie pack but podfarm has nothing. Its empty of any and all effects, even the demo ones I'd be limited to if I didn't have my ux2 plugged in for rights management I guess) So I think okay I got to re-download that add on, its been 8 years I dont remember how I even got effects junkie. Maybe on disc? Line 6 license manager or whatever line 6 monkey opens has it listed under my add ons, but it won't download. And according to my line 6 account, I dont have any model packs at all. I dont want to pay big money for something i already thought I owned only to still not work on my daw. What the heck happened. Im like super bummed.
  2. I had some issues the last time using my pod. My windows 8.1 machine, (yeah yeah) kept crashing to blue screen of death while syncing and sometimes long or shortly after. I did noticed, that the specs specify usb2 compatibility. And when I first started using it thats what I set it up with and used it with. I realized the last time i had it plugged in to the usb3 ports on my computer. It would work for sometime and then give me a blue screen crash. I looked up some of the provided error messages. I got a different one each time and the only one that made sense pointed to a driver issue. I reinstalled the driver, (an updated one) and it still crashed. I'm gonna try on usb2 port tonight and see if it makes a difference, just wondering if that was a known problem.
  3. How do I set up to use switches for effects instead of looping? At this time even for live perfomances i have no need for it. I notice some presets even have effects tied to those switches, but they still want to control the looping effects.
  4. So I was hoping I would be able to use this device to add some chorus and delay to the microphone and avoiding the clutter and cables of a separate device. Obviously with all these inputs itd be nice to be able to run some delay or chorus on vocals without having to apply it to the guitar, or backup track, vice versa. Is it possible to dedicate effects chains to individual inputs? so i can sing and play guitar with separate effects?
  5. I'm shopping around, and I'm trying to set up a rig ideal for a multiple punk rock sounds, as I have a variety of influences and dont want to be limited to one specific sound. As a one man project, I want to use this device as my sole effects box, for recording and live purposes, without a lot of clutter from multiple pedals, having to worry about batteries, patch cords, etc. currently I own a pod ux2 that I've had combined with its included licensed pod farm, while thats been nice for recording, I've had some issues regarding its dependability on constantly needing to verify my license, it wasn't always a problem, but lately its been problem. Almost every time I load pod farm as a plug in I need to verfiy the license. Not ideal for recording or live performance, so I want the ability to have these effects without having to drag a ux2 into it. Still usable for plug in edits, but not good for live. Getting back on track here, i don't know a lot about midi controllers, but I was wondering if and how I would connect the pod hd500x to my computer to control a media player to play my backup tracks, using a foot switch instead of having to go back and forth to hit space on my laptop, or play on a cd player, after all playing one person looks lame enough for a punk performance, interupting to press play on my laptop would look worse. I'd like to just be able to kick into my prerecorded back up tracks from my computer off to the side.
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