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  1. Hey guys, My XT Live's virtual bass tone control knob, when adjusting the physical bass knob on the unit itself, goes either to max or min but will not go anywhere in between. The virtual knob display will not move until the physical knob's max or min travel is met and then it pins itself at 0 or 10. All other knobs function fine. It is like this with all presets - both my user and the factory ones. Any ideas I can try to remedy ? Thanks
  2. Hi jaminjimlp, When I was trying I tried both - saving from the HD500 directly and also using the editor via usb. The result was the same with either method. I upgraded the firmware on the HD500 with the recent upgrade... it gave more functionality for the L6 link configuration but the L3M still defaults to full range (as the upgrade noted). However, taking the DT25 out of the link, and hooking up HD500 to L3M directly, the L3M recalls the mode it was in when the preset was saved. I am hoping to get my hands on a L2T and try using the Cab emulated out of the DT25 to the L2T. I am hoping that using the mixer in the L2T I can then balance out the volume differences (with the L3M the output of the DT25 is too low). I will either have to rent one, or maybe for Christmas, Line 6 will put out a saving incentive on the L2 series of speakers.... ho, ho,ho Thanks for your input, Mike
  3. Karmicfreak, Thanks for the suggestion. I never thought of doing that... I will give it a try. Mike
  4. Hello again everybody, I read your suggestions (thanks to all) and gave it a try. Taking the Cabinet Emulated XLR output of the DT25 into my L3M... the tone was fine but the output was very low. In fact, the output from the speakers of the DT25 was much louder than the L3M. I was running the L3M wide open to be able to hear it (signal level difference I suspect). I think this solution would work better with one of the L3T or L2T models in that you can mix (boost) the input signal - that is just purely my speculation as I don't have one of the speakers with the built-in mixer to try it. My initial hope was that I could use the L3M (actually L2M when I get it) and change it's speaker mode via HD500 to accommodate if I was using an electric patch or an acoustic patch. I realize I could this with the L3M alone but I really like the sound of my DT25 for the dirtier guitar patches... not quite ready to give it up (ask me again later this winter after a late night gig with a couple flights of stairs). I will keep playing around with the setup and see what I can come up with. I appreciate all your feedback and suggestions. Please feel to free to comment further. I will post if I stumble upon a combination of things that works.
  5. Hello everybody, I am currently trying to augment my HD500 and DT25 with a L3M. All are hooked together using Line6 Link with the L3M the last in the chain. HD500 --> DT25 --> L3M My question /problem is that the speaker mode of the L3M is not saved with the HD500 preset. I have switched the L3M to the mode I want and save the patch. When I recall the patch the speaker always goes to reference mode as opposed to the 'electric guitar' mode that I saved in the patch. I hope to sort this out as I am considering purchasing a L2M as the augmentation.. you know using the usual 'more gear' justifications - more power if required, can use it in a DT25 failure event, can use it with acoustic patches,,, the usual cry of the Line6- aholic. Does anyone know if I am missing something here and can advise me on how to have the speaker mode saved in the HD500 preset when you also have the DT25 in the chain ? Thanks, Mike
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