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  1. I have a UX2. I am supposed to be able to hook up a midi device to it but it only has 1/4" input jacks. My keyboard only has midi output connections. I am being told it is not possible to run a midi into the 1/4 input? How is it supposed to be done?

  2. Just startin sounds like my issue exactly except I plugged my headphones into the headphones jack and still don't have any sound. I am trying to use two different mics, a AmicV- 2R dynamic and the other an AKG D8000M (also dynamic I believe). I can get guitar input in Ableton lite live 8 but nothing from either mic or mic input. I don't recognize the Sound windows shown above and haven't looked at anything like 4 line UX2 line 6. Not sure what that is. very frustrating.
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