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  1. well it 's the only thing left to try. I will let you know how it's goes thanks.
  2. Ok so i tried to uninstall Pod Farm 1 because I thought that it was what stopped the other Pod Farm from working. Sadly it did not work. Anyone else have any ideas.
  3. No and I am using laptop. Sorry should have said that before.
  4. thanks for the link. I will try to check it out later
  5. Sorry for the late reply. A family mater came up. anyway yes the only thing that is not green is the new monkey update. screenshot down below.
  6. Nope still giving me the same error message. I will post a screen shot.
  7. Ok i will try this. I am going to fully uninstall Pod Farm 2.5 and re install it. keep your fingers crossed :)
  8. So what now any ideas. How in the world do i get this thing working. Thanks for all of your help so far.
  9. So my license manager is telling me that every thing should be good under the account I am using. i will post some screenshots. I hope this helps.
  10. Ok thanks I will try this and if it still won't work I will just call line 6 later today. Thanks for your help
  11. Cool man. I just got done listening to all the songs and I will be buying the CD. I am trying to make and album to. it should be finished next January. Anyway good job and keep working.
  12. My UX2 is authorized and has been authorized. But it still will not let me use my Pod Farm 2.5. Anyway thanks for your help and hope to here from you again.
  13. Ok so I was able to fix my flash drive ports. I still cant get my Pod Farm 2.5 to work. Can anyone help me thanks
  14. Hello every one. Ok so I bought my Pod UX2 in February of this year and so far it has caused me nothing but grief and headaches. To start when I bought my UX2 it took a week of trial and error just to get my drivers set up. Now granted that this could be my fault but still not as easy as advertised. So after that I tried to run the Pod Farm 2.5 installation disk that came with my Pod UX2 and every time I would try to start it with the Pod UX2 plugged in to my computer windows would give me an error message saying that the program has stopped working and it closed the Pod Farm 2.5. If I started Pod Farm with out my Pod UX2 plugged in it would give me a different message saying something about my licenses registration not found and try as I might it would not let me do anything about it. Once again this may be my own fault. Now I came to the line 6 site to try to fix this problem and after hours failure I accidentally downloaded the Pod Farm 1 Program and it worked perfect. For the past 6 months I have been playing around with this and have got some great recording done for my new album. Now tonight when I started the program it loaded up fine and started on a preset that I had made last week. I decided to go to a different preset. Right After I did I looked down to my guitar to start playing but there was no sound coming out of my guitar. After messing around with my guitar for a few seconds I looked up and saw that the lights on my UX2 had gone out. At first i had thought it had come unplugged from my computer but as I looked it had not come unplugged. After messing around with it and unplugging it several times to try to get it to work nothing happened. Then I plugged in my flash drive to see if it was the computer or the UX2 that had broke. Well my computer would not pick up the flash drive or any thing else that I plugged in for that matter. Now no my computer I have 3 FD ports. 1 on the left and 2 on the right. the one on the left I had broke when I first got my computer. But the other 2 were fine. So I think that the Pod UX2 blew up my USB ports on my right side and now I cant use them. If the problem hit the mother board it could cost hundred to have fixed. I will be calling Line 6 in the morning but until then could some one help with the Pod UX2 and or my Pod farm. Thank you
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