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  1. Ok, I discovered something new... The closer I place the guitar to the PC tower the louder the hissing noise and if I remove the side panel of the tower the noise gets even louder!! Like it transmits something.. For the noise to disappear, I must play the guitar 3 meters (9,84 feet) away! I can't believe I must be Tesla to have a noiseless setup...! :wacko: PS: The same happens without the POD connected (just in a smaller loudness scale).
  2. Yes, I know about that, it helps but this way I can't use two amps the same time
  3. Nice videos, I'll start experimenting Thanks
  4. Really? I thought that the noise produced by the problematic device normally escapes through the house grounding but if there's a problem there, it returns back to the "chain" system and "loops", in effect, power socket grounding problem = grounding loops. Guess I'm misinformed. So I should experiment taking out devices from the chain...
  5. It's not... maybe I should find a laptop and do a test right?
  6. Hi and thanks for the reply. I have some news... When everything is connected and on, that is guitar-->POD-->external firewire soundcard (connected to PC)-->monitors, i have the hiss noise. But when i turn off the PC and it's just guitar-->POD-->external firewire soundcard-->monitors, then the hiss goes away!! So something in the PC is causing the problem.. Maybe the firewire driver or the power supply... The truth is that i have quite some stuff connected to the same power socket... but doesn't ground loops are caused by bad house grounding? i checked with the electrician and the grounding is perfect...
  7. Hello everybody and congrats for this amazing community. I'm a new and inexperienced pod HD500 user. My problem is noise on clean tones... I'm working on this configuration: but i get mild hissing noise (and if i get a tube compressor it gets even worst)... I can't get rid of it without altering/destroying my tone I've heard that PODs are a bit noisy but this is a clean tone we're talking about.. The problem isn't excessive but it's enough to make you wanna fix it.. So is there a way to get rid of the hissing? I use high quality mogami cables coming out of the POD's balanced XLR outs to my audio interface's (RME FF400) inputs and finally through nearfield monitors. Guitar is Gibson LP with classic 57 pickups. The drivers/flash memory e.t.c. are all updated. The power socket grounding is 100% Ok Thank you very much
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