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  1. Thank you for the help, I will try these suggestions ! : -Andy
  2. Hi All, I just got a Variax last week and I have been testing it with my existing presets, the magnetic pickups are much hotter than what I have been using (a mid-80s Squier). I tried adjusting the guitar-in-z and i reduced the volume by a bit but it still sounds much dirtier than how I want my presets to sound. This is all new to me - What is the best approach for adjusting presets for hotter pickups? Thank you, Andy
  3. Hi all, Somewhat new to Variax and Helix - I have a preset I'm working on where I have mapped a controller to setting a virtual capo on the 2nd fret. Is it possible to map a second controller to set a virtual capo on a different fret? I tried it the same way I created the first mapping it reset the first controller. Thank you -Andy
  4. Thank you, I set up something like this and I can probably make it work. I don't have any amp/cab on the acoustic model path so what would be the best way to boost the volume cleanly? Thanks! -Andy
  5. Hi All, New to the Variax world as of last week, been only using a Helix for 6 weeks so really new to all of this. I tried searching for threads about my specific problem but am coming up short... I am trying to create a preset which has a blend of a Variax acoustic model mixed in with the magnetics (which I want to have just slight breakup). I watched a video (I think was a Line6 video) about setting this up with two independent signal paths and I am able to reproduce some of this, but the acoustic volume is so low that unless I turn the magnetics volume down to almost 0 I can't hear the acoustic at all. Do you guys know of any more in-depth tutorials that go through this process (for using both the Variax model and mags signal paths together)? Is there something simple I am missing? Thank you for any suggestions! :) -Andy
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