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  1. I've already read the handbook and experimented myself. You can send midi when in ABCD mode as each patch, when switched to will send a pgm 1A will send PGM001, 1B will send PGM002 etc. This can not be altered. If your amp has midi and a midi learn function, you can teach it what the midi PGM is for each patch and in turn control amp channels. I had a Bugera TRIREC but its gone now.
  2. If all the pod is doing is using both amps as a power amp, I still dont see why a valve power amp, or the FX return of any other valve head would be any different. Granted the DT can model Class A, but that is the only advantage I can see.
  3. My amp does have midi, which is why i can send PGM changes from fs1-4 It is a midi 'learn' function which it does not have
  4. Hi guys, Basically I want to use my HD500 with the 4CM and have it change channels on my amp (via midi PGM) automatically when I change patches. At the moment I have FS5-8 set as ABCD for patch switching, and FS1-4 set to send midi PGM changes for the channels on each of my patches. I have tried setting midi commands for FS5-8 but these are ignored as they are set to ABCD. As far as i am aware my amp does not have a midi learn function. Is it possible to have A send a midi command as soon as I switch to it without me having to press one of FS1-4? TIA.
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