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  1. Like you, I have this need. In the effect chain, there are 6 modules that cannot be deleted or changed. I only have 4 free modules. It bothers me. According to line6, the DSP processing capacity of pod go is limited. Fixed six modules, they consume less resources, in most cases, can ensure that will not reach the limit of DSP. However, I think that if all modules can be deleted or changed, users will naturally delete unnecessary modules, and DSP will not reach the limit. Unless all users use modules that consume more resources. Line6 should be able to solve this problem through firmware update, but line6 does not seem to have such a plan. After Baidu translation, it may be difficult to read.
  2. Hello, line6 team. I am a POD GO user, I have a suggestion: I can freely delete the blocks in the effect chain (instead of closing). I hope you can add this function through firmware update. The tone of POD GO is great. But it is very inflexible. Because POD GO's amp/preamp, cab/IR, Wah, Volume pedal, Preset EQ, and FX Loop always exist, and they can only be turned off and cannot be deleted. This means there are only 4 places to place other blocks. For me, I don't need cab/IR, Wah, Volume pedal, FX Loop. I need to use compression, boost, noise gate, delay, and reverb blocks (5 in total). But there are only 4 positions, which cannot meet my needs at all. Therefore, I hope that blocks in the effect chain can be freely deleted (instead of closing). I hope you can add this feature through firmware update. I believe that most POD GO users have this need like me. Looking forward to your reply. 中文原文: line6团队,你们好。 我是一位POD GO用户,我提一个建议:我可以自由删除效果链中的模块(不是关闭)。希望你们能够通过固件更新,添加此功能 POD GO的音色很棒。但是很不灵活。 因为POD GO的箱头模拟、箱体模拟、蛙音、音量踏板、预设EQ、FX LOOP始终是存在的,并且只能关闭,不能删除。这意味着只有4个位置来放置其他模块。 对于我来说,我不需要箱体模拟、蛙音、音量踏板、FX LOOP。 我需要额外使用压缩、激励、降噪、延迟、混响模块(总共5个)。但是只 有4个位置,这根本无法满足我的需要。 因此,我希望可以自由删除效果链中的模块(不是关闭)。希望你们能够通过固件更新,添加此功能。 我相信,大部分POD GO用户和我一样,都有这个需要。 期待你们的回复。
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