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  1. Yeap...decisions....choices....
  2. The helix will let you only have 6 at a time and that includes an amp and cab so in the end you are left with...four again right? I read somewhere that it will get an update to have 8, and even thou, I have also read lots of people complaining about how fast you can hit DSP limitations with even using all 6 blocks. True?
  3. Loved the analogy and I get it. I honestly believed that you were able to move effects around with the mooer ge250. Might as well just buy a headrush gigboard but the lack of updates, poor tuner and lack of fx's are holding me back from that, I would totally miss having the particle verb.
  4. Mmmm what do you exactly mean? A new POD GO?! It better has 8 or 9 FULLY editable fx blocks! :p
  5. I see, makes sense and it is kind of sad, maybe I just should get a mooer ge250 and be done with it, I sold my POD HD500 in order to buy something newer so... we'll see.
  6. So, I really like the new POD GO, I really want to buy but there's one thing that is making me doubt about it. I don't like how you can't remove the wha, eq, volume, etc from the chain and change it for something else, I mean, I NEVER use a wha pedal for example, so I feel that is an fx block that will be just wasted, also, I would probably never use an eq pedal or rarely use it. Will the POD GO ever get an update so that we can do that?
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