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  1. I'm loving my 75 so far, works exactly as advertised for me and I've been playing around with tones and settings. Just plugged in paired the Bluetooth connection and logged in on the app, had a couple error messages but they didn't affect anything. Did the flash update to stabilize the Bluetooth connection and everything was fine. Most of the bugs I see mentioned (like Bluetooth) have already been fixed by software updates. There is only so much testing you can do in beta, so I don't expect software to be perfect as soon as it's released, I just expect it to work. So other than wanting to see a few refinements to the app (like actually being able to browse tones not just search) everything is working 100%
  2. Had my 75 for almost a week now and I primarily use headphones because I'm in an apartment and I practise late... No issues so far. Volume control on both the amp and the app are nice and smooth, goes from whisper quiet to obscene loud very gradually. If you're worried about loud pops or something like you get with some amps when switching channels or powering on/off I haven't had anything like that through headphones. Had a couple of pops from the speakers when turning it off but not loud, just a general pop you'd expect from a lot of amps when powering off. Also this goes without saying but use over-ear headphones, earbuds or in-ear will be driven too hard at anything but really low levels.
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