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  1. There are three different fuses marked F1, F2 and F3. Not modelled ones. I've been playing around with trying an old stock of fuses I've collected and I've found an old Philips from the 60s is superb. Gives the Helix so much more depth and clarity. I did try playing around with F3 but I went back to the original fuse as it sounded the best. YMMV.
  2. How about Line 6 introduces a competition to the community for uploading artist and song presets on customtone. Prizes for people who get the most stars in a month. This would hopefully increase the number of presets available to the community and make it easier to find something that sounds good and encourage sharing. The Helix in particular could do with more choice.
  3. I'm no professional musician, but at the price, built and performance I'm very pleased. I was worried the hype wouldn't live upto reality but simply an amazing guitar. Happy to give my JTV89 a 5/5. The only things I can think of to complain about is that there is no model sharing built into workbench and the odd querky design decision.
  4. I have a JTV89 working fine and still looks immaculate. Love this guitar it is simply amazing!
  5. I noticed the other day I was having some tuning problems too. So I started reading this thread, it also seemed to have occurred after I had creating a couple of extra custom presets with their own tuning. I had a bit of a play around in workbench tonight and noticed my drop D tuning had dropped to the high e string. A bit strange so I fixed the patch and uploaded, but I was still having problems. looking around I clicked on the parallel pitch something I'd played with at the same time trying out 6 string versions of the twelve string models and I noticed something unusual. Even though the Parallel pitch was switched off all my models seemed to pitch settings, clearing this then uploading solved the problem. So I then created an "empty" pitch preset and cleared every 6 string guitar. Problem solved, tuning works great again. I suspect like me most people don't look at the parallel pitch tab much for the non 12 strings, especially with it being disabled. So maybe worth checking just in case it wasn't a one off.
  6. I'd be interested as being a born again strummer I don't have the experience to know why use one model over another. Obviously amp and effects have an impact, but a list of signature songs and tunings would be a good place to start.
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