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  1. All, I got response that Line6 has fixed the problem with the license manager. I have now updated all software on my MAC to the latest versions and all works like a charm now. License Manager 1.07 is now discovering my UX2 correctly ! :D Cheers,
  2. Chidori, many thanks for posting this ! Indeed it also works on my MAC with license manager 1.02 and the rest up to date (driver, monkey, podfarm) The license manager 1.02 is able to see my device ! Thanks again ! :D I will keep my ticket open, as I want to have the latest version at some time, but for the moment this is a workaround !
  3. hi, your link leads to the default site unfortunately ... can you please provide the version number that you used ? Was it the license manager app and / or the driver that you changed ? Thanks !
  4. Hi all, i tried to install my Podstudio UX2 on an iMac without success. I have exact the same issue as described above. The Monkey detects the device without any issues, but the license manager can not see the device, just the computer. I tried different versions of drivers, monkeys and license managers without luck. The MAC OS is 10.7.5 and at the moment all Line6 software including drivers is the newest available. Side Note: On my Windows PC all works without any issues. License manager can see the device and all is correctly managable. As a final step, I took a look to the diagnostic log of the License manager on MAC, in one line it says "Device not supported" , maybe this helps. Many thanks in advance for any help ! Cheers,
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