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  1. I totally understand and I am not posting this as a fix. I'm also frustrated and would like to see this issue resolved. However, it makes me cringe to think people are hacking at their guitars or spending money for new bridges or even fitting their guitars with flat wound strings to remove a sound when turning their tone knobs down on their guitars might accomplish the same thing. I happen to like a bright sound and almost exclusively play all my guitars in the bridge or 2nd position. I also use jazz 3 picks and I'm heavy handed so to speak so i really get an ear full and it has been unbearable at times. i also play a lot of different tunings so this guitar is really the only viable option for me.
  2. I have been having the plinks for about a year now. I have noticed it's not consistent and sometimes it's more pronounced. To diminish the hiss i get from my e string, I have been turning my tone knob down incrementally until the hiss is removed. Then i adjust the settings on my amp, usually removing most of the bass and turning the treble up all the way. I'm don't think this is pickup issue or a hardware issue but more of the way the modeling is registering high frequency from the e string. Hope this helps some of you, I'm sure it won't help everyone.
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