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  1. Thanks again guys, my volume/wah pedal is now working as suppose to. keep shredding.
  2. thanks shredjsx and billbee, I'll try both your advice when I get home. Happy new year! cheers..
  3. Greetings guitar freaks, the volume on my x3 live would still be on even the pedal is pressed towards min and it happens on all patches on my x3 live. I need to use the volume of my guitar to shut volume. all settings on patches are set 0(min) and 100(max) and can't figure any other way to set the volume. It will be very much appreciated if you can help me. thanks
  4. thank you silverhead, have a happy holiday.
  5. need help in saving downloaded customtones to my pod x3 live. am able to test but can't figure out how to save, would really appreciate a tutorial on these . thank you guitar freaks :)
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