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  1. Martin What is the level of CH VOL? To clean and distorted amps have the same level. And Amp Vol.?
  2. Its true if i set the pod master to full, i will get more signal? In pod, the Ch Vol. its the same to all amp's? Including overdrive and clean amps?!
  3. Exist some method to control the volumes in pod? Amp Vol. + Real Amp Vol. + Master (hd 500)
  4. Hi all, I have a HD 500, but, until now i doesnt could a good sound to distortion or clean tone.. Always sounds crap :( I play with a giannini speaker at home, and a Roland jazz Chorus in studio. The patches that i create at home sounds diferent on studio. Can someone help me? I never find a solid tone, its very boring ;( Thnk u all!
  5. i just dont understand what effect i use in pod hd 500.. Right, a Wah on toe position.. but is'nt only this..
  6. =) i just wanna help with this sound, but you're so proud..
  7. Hi, I was trying play "bulls on parade" of rage, and started search about the "scratches" of Morello. Someone can help me use the Pod HD500 to do this effect?? Thank u all!!!
  8. well, now i can understand what happens! hahahah I'll search the price of JTV's, but lollipop.. i just bought a IBANEZ to months ago :s thank u all for the answers, very nice!
  9. alright.. i wanna play a song in CGCFAD, how i do it using the pitch?
  10. WaubinHood yeah, -5 its tone like C right?! but the sound stays horrible :(( radatats man, i doesnt understood how i control the tone, if a want a C, or after B.
  11. well, i would like to change the tone of guitar.. And.. i don't find the pitch shift :[
  12. Someone can help me with Pitch Harmonic? My opinion about it is that function are to down or up the tone of guitar. Help me plz! Thnk u all
  13. Thank u dude! I played with the drummer, and the guitar sounds nice, more intensive.. i hope learned the start of hd 500.. - this guitar at: 01:04, it sounds like a dimension?! How can i do this effect in hd 500?
  14. Dudes, i put in OUTPUTS mode: COMBO PWR AMP And sounds a bit great, more sounds like a real guitar, more strong. I'll test now with the drummer. But, a think that i dont understood, i build this scenario: AMP: Blackface Dbl Nrm Pre Dist: Screamer But, i dont listen the screamer, or other dist. The sounds mixed amp+screamer but don't stay good, are horrible. Faul some configs in screamer? help plzz
  15. Alright, i'll do the tests now.. just a question: in my scenario i use the pre-amps only, right?
  16. METEORO AMP: Bass, Middle, Treble: 12o'clock Drive and Master: 12o'clock HD 500: Master, Volume, Bass, Midle, Treble: 12 o'clock I have a semi-acoustic guitar, can be the problem?! Follows pscreen: Please tell me if the configuration of patch is wrong or bad please!
  17. Whtsup! I was reading something like crossover distortion, i think this is happening iwth me.
  18. I known the basic of hd 500, and known that sounds are horrible. The buttons AMP / LINE in hd500: AMP: i will configure the MASTER, GAIN with what size? LINE: sounds more treble, more intense but with not gain
  19. Well, i turn on he and played now.. I plug in amp and sounds like good, high volume, a good gain.. So, i turn on the pod hd 500, the sounds like weak, its like something in background. I played with a drummer and i didnt listen my guitar. When i turn off the pod hd 500, my amp do not appear with the same sound. This is the scenario that i wanna to solve, the sounds weak of hd 500 is not pleasing me
  20. - this is the amp (only INPUT (left) and OUTPUT (right). So, i do this basic setup here with my amp, but the sounds like very bad. I don't known if less some configurations in amp, like drive, bass, middle to use and transmit with a good sounds. I'm just learning the first follows of hd 500, sorry.
  21. Hello, i'm trying connect my pod hd 500 to amp with the method that my amp supports. My amp have INPUT and OUTPUT. I notice that impossible use the 4 cable method, right?! Can someone help me please, with the best method to connect? Cheers
  22. Hi everybody, i bought a pod hd 500, but i'm with some problems to connect to the amp My amp have 2 connections (INPUT & OUTPUT), but in manuals, forums, discussions, the people uses methods with amps in SEND or RETURN. What i can do to organize my sound? Thank u all!
  23. i'm completely noob in pod, i dont know what use to record.
  24. Hello, Need some help to record my guitar in computer. Can help me?? Tks all!!!
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