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  1. I'm connecting with this form: Cabling: Guitar in - My guitar Cabling: R/Mono(connected) 1/4 OUT L/Mono - Input do Amplifier Setup HD 500: Menu: 3/9 (Outputs) Guitar + Variax Ch1 - this is the combo?
  2. I dont know what is fx loop rs :/ but i think that 4 cabling method do not works at this amp, cause it have 2 entries only.
  3. Tks 4 th answer! Dude, i have this amp This method with 4 cables can be applied ? Or exist other methods..
  4. Hello, I'm a new user of Hd 500.. how is the method to plug the hd 500 cabling in amplifier? We have some options in right side of hd 500, like LINE or AMP - GUITAR or PAD. What the diference? Help me!! Tks alL!
  5. Hello Dudes, how can i record my guitar in computer? tks all!!!
  6. Ok! I'll play this weekend in a stage, but i can't found a distortion like deftones. In really, i dont get create any distortion :/ Do you have some tip, some guidance?!
  7. Right, i'll try! Thank u, dude, very much! Can i remedy some questions in a chat w/ u? I wanna know a little more about HD500. It's possible?
  8. Ok dude! I'm a recent user of HD 500, do you know where i found the menu to setup "A=440" ?
  9. but when i tune Db, the displays show me correctly Db, OK is perfect. But sounds like, D. The displays doesnt are ok. I think this would be regulated, or no?
  10. Hello, Someone can help me with hd 500 tuner?! I think it is unregulated, cause if i put Db, hers sounds like D. Someone know how regulated the tuner?? thank u all!!!
  11. Right, thank u very much!! But, when i press the POST position, the effects like BASS, MID and TREBLE doestn work :// another form to solve this??
  12. Hi!! I need some help to record in my POD HD 500. I'm recording some sound with CLEAN FENDER effect. Ok. But when i change to DRIVE FENDER, my first recording (clean fender) starts to play with DRIVE. Someone can help me please?? Need help!!!! Thank u all!!!!!
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