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  1. Wallirec

    Pitch Question

    emulate the characterization DigiTech Whammy or EBS OctaBass much more difficult than just divide the frequency.
  2. Wallirec

    Pitch Question

    This will require less resources than one voice. Much less!
  3. Wallirec

    Pitch Question

    I was shocked when I found out about this feature Pod HD. Line6 did not advertise that octaver and pitch one voice.
  4. HD PRO for too short a time to support it turns out, only one and a half years
  5. Yes, I asked here http://line6.com/com...roductfeedback/
  6. Asked a question, wait for an answer.
  7. On the official website of the mistake. Indicated the presence of 1/8 "MP3/CD INPUT, which is not in HD PRO. http://line6.com/podhd/multi-effects/compare.html Where ask to add this feature to the line-in? I want to connect a drum machine.
  8. I want to assign switching presets for two up and down buttons
  9. I want Polyphony pitch-shifter
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