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  1. Haha, yeah, I'm sure. Same problem on floor, counter, driveway ...
  2. I just pulled my LT-based live rig out of storage, where it's been since last March due to COVID. And it doesn't sit flat! I can't remember if it did this before I put it in storage - it's been a realllly long year. Anyway, the upper left and lower right foot sit on the floor, leaving it to rock about 1/8" between lower left and upper right. I can easily shim the feet on the corners that rock, but before I do that I wanted to check if this was maybe a known problem with a simple solution (loosen and retighten certain chassis screws, etc.) Thoughts?
  3. Thanks. I gave it a shot last night too, and while it does register some activity as the switch changes, it doesn't work. Oh well!
  4. Good to know, thanks. Looks like I'll be getting a sampler pedal and putting it in the loop. Was hoping not to have to do that, since i just managed to eliminate the solo loop from my rig!
  5. My old Zoom G3 could plug a momentary switch (like a piano sustain pedal) into the expression pedal jack to be used as tap tempo and preset switching. And I think my Firehawk was able to use one as a 0%/100% expression pedal. Can the Helix do either of those things? If I understand the way controller assignments work, it could be used as an on/off switch for a block by assigning it to that block's bypass. Or, pipe dream time, could it be used to control the "once" function of the looper without using the rest of the looper buttons?
  6. My band covers Radiohead's "Creep", but we're a power trio format with me on guitar and lead vocals, so getting the "chunk-chunk" before the chorus is a challenge. I'd like to prerecord a sample and use the looper's "once" function to trigger it, but I don't otherwise need the looper functionality. So my questions: 1 - Can I permanently or semi-permanently store a sample in the looper like this? Is is possible to "lock" it so it can't be overwritten? 2 - Can I assign the "once" function to a footswitch without turning on the other looper buttons? I'm set up with four snapshots in the lower rank and four stompboxes in the upper rank. I have another related question, but it's just enough off topic that it probably needs its own topic. Thanks!
  7. So i got my LT a few days ago, and figured I'd follow up on this. After trying a few different things, I was able to do what I wanted by taking phil_m's suggestion, with one additional tweak. As suggested, I put the solo blocks in the B path, with a volume control at the beginning. The tweak is that I put another volume control in the A path right after the split, with a reverse taper. This lets me have a smooth transition between rhythm and solo tones. And bonus, it lets the delay trail off as I transition back to a rhythm tone. I did try using the controller to adjust the mix at the split block, but that dropped the volume a ton at the midpoint, when both A and B were at -30dB. Thanks again!
  8. Hey, folks. I don't have a Helix yet, but am considering upgrading to at least the LT from my Firehawk. I use the FH expression pedal to control the mix (0-100%) for the external FX loop block return. I've got (physical) distortion and delay pedals in the loop, and the expression pedal controls my level of "solo boost" (which adds level, gain, and delay). After trying probably a dozen different methods of solo boosting, this way has been a godsend for me, so I want to keep this exact functionality. It seems that I should be able to do something similar with the Helix, using internal FX instead of having to carry around a small second pedalboard like I do now. But to do that, I'd need to create a secondary path, and have the expression pedal control the mix between that and the primary path. I know the Helix can do just about anything, but in my reading of the manual I haven't been able to figure out how this would be done. Can it?
  9. Okay, good to know, thanks!
  10. Hey all, just got the unit yesterday, and really impressed with the tones. Some other units allow connecting a momentary footswitch to the expression pedal jack for various purposes - I've been using it for tap tempo on my Zoom G3. Does the Firehawk allow anything like this?
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