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  1. When I tried to update my JTV69 (aquired as a second hand, used gear, few days ago, production year 2012), I received both error codes: “unknown midi error” and “midi time out”. After the first attempts, ended with error messages, Monkey software recognize it as v 2.23, but Workbench program, when forced to reconnect, see the guitar as JTV59 and was not capable to make any further comunication. I solved the problem like this: (windows 7 on a HP i3 laptop with 4GB RAM) - I disabled the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option in DeviceManager>Universal Serial Bus Controler> Generic USB Hub properties. The update seems to work untill the “reinitializing, please wait...” message, when I get the time out message again. - At the next attempt, when reinitializing message is displayed i reset the guitar manually unplugging and replugging the TS jack. The update finished normally, the Workbench program sees the guitar corectly (as JTV69) and all things are good so far. I cannot connect Workbench through the Helix though but it works well through the USB interface. (sorry for my poor english... )
  2. Yes I do. It fits perfectly, with a little space for cables and accessories, and has 2 stripes of velcro to fix it on the bottom part. I' ll put some photos.
  3. https://www.thomann.de/ro/rockcase_rc_23010b_effect_pedal_case.htm
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