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  1. Yes. My Mahalo. my Vox. Any amp, same digital noise when I roll off while signal is present.
  2. Thanks, Dave. Yes, my battery was charged and my 1/4" plugged into an amp. The electronics were on and working. There seems to be a new wrinkle. After my failed attempts at upgrading, I took it to a gig tonight and there was some weirdness with the volume control. When I turned it all the way up, it wasn't at maximum volume. Then, as I backed it down, it actually got louder before it got lower. I wound up using the magnetics for most of the night.
  3. No, this happens when I'm playing. Rehearsing or on gigs. It seems to be a digital noise and it only happens when I'm playing. Meaning if I'm doing volume swells or fading out a note or chord. If I'm not playin, it's quiet as I lower the volume. But if there's signal present, I hear noise. and if I have distortion on, it's very noticeable.
  4. Is anyone else experiencing this? When I roll off the volume I experience some noise. I can fade it in cleanly, but when I fade out there's noise. Same exact noise every time. It only occurs with the models, not magnetics. Firmware 1.03 Flash 1.82b
  5. I own a JTV69US. I love this guitar but this monkey-business is ridiculous. I have version 1.82b. Using the supplied cable and tried a standard CAT5 cable. My guitar is plugged in. My volume is turned up. I'm USB plugged into the back of my Mac, not a hub or keyboard. Everytime I try to upgrade or rollback the flash I get the error message ... "Update Failed. (Code 80009000) Unknown MIDI Error. Make sure the cables are connected and try the update again." I've tried it 3 or 4 hundred times. Same error message. I own a 600 and 700 and have connected them many times (though there are usually some issues.) I've never been able to connect my JTV. HELP!
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