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  1. I own a JTV69US. I love this guitar but this monkey-business is ridiculous. I have version 1.82b. Using the supplied cable and tried a standard CAT5 cable. My guitar is plugged in. My volume is turned up. I'm USB plugged into the back of my Mac, not a hub or keyboard. Everytime I try to upgrade or rollback the flash I get the error message ... "Update Failed. (Code 80009000) Unknown MIDI Error. Make sure the cables are connected and try the update again." I've tried it 3 or 4 hundred times. Same error message. I own a 600 and 700 and have connected them many times (though there are usually some issues.) I've never been able to connect my JTV. HELP!
  2. Is anyone else experiencing this? When I roll off the volume I experience some noise. I can fade it in cleanly, but when I fade out there's noise. Same exact noise every time. It only occurs with the models, not magnetics. Firmware 1.03 Flash 1.82b
  3. Yes. My Mahalo. my Vox. Any amp, same digital noise when I roll off while signal is present.
  4. Thanks, Dave. Yes, my battery was charged and my 1/4" plugged into an amp. The electronics were on and working. There seems to be a new wrinkle. After my failed attempts at upgrading, I took it to a gig tonight and there was some weirdness with the volume control. When I turned it all the way up, it wasn't at maximum volume. Then, as I backed it down, it actually got louder before it got lower. I wound up using the magnetics for most of the night.
  5. No, this happens when I'm playing. Rehearsing or on gigs. It seems to be a digital noise and it only happens when I'm playing. Meaning if I'm doing volume swells or fading out a note or chord. If I'm not playin, it's quiet as I lower the volume. But if there's signal present, I hear noise. and if I have distortion on, it's very noticeable.