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  1. Thanks for the link, I searched but that thread never popped up. Admins feel free to delete.
  2. Stumbled upon a video of this new product at NAMM. I certainly may be a biased Helix owner, however, I can't help but notice some 'familiarity' with this product more so than other FX/modelling units. Even the scrolling/functionality of their website seems ... familiar. Thoughts? http://headrushfx.com/
  3. This is great! Awesome to see originating companies offering IR options. I want to try out a couple single packs of a few speakers. What would you recommend, or would be the 'can't go wrong' choice for speaker (1x12/2x12/4x12) and open/closed back?
  4. Hi guys, First off, this forum has been incredible in the purchase of my Helix - on order and looking forward to the arrival! I had a quick question for a volume pedal. I'm making a switch from pedals & stompboxes. I currently have a Ernie Ball VPJR (I believe the passive 250K) Ideally, I would keep this pedal strictly for volume use, and assign the Helix's pedal for various expression functions.Traditionally, I would run drive pedals -> into VPJR -> into delay/modulation -> to amp. So my question would be, can I insert the VPJR as an effect, and use as it's own effect block, by placing it anywhere in my chain, and will work in the same manor? My apologies for any lack of knowledge on my end. Thanks guys! -Craig
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