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  1. But you didn't "just respond to me", you liar. And you're retarded for having done so in the first place.
  2. It's not just about me. You mean, the HD isn't for anyone who wants an 800 sound but doesn't hear an 800 in the posted samples. The sentence read, "I can't imagine how you'd cut that out without cutting out the whole high end," and I have no clue what your issue with that sentence is. How do I "seem" like I don't want to be convinced? Of course I wish the HD could do a good 800 simulation. That would be the easiest solution for my needs, considering I have an HD sitting next to me (just without a power supply), and I'd rather not return it. The real problem is, I'm being honest about what I hear, and you dislike honesty so you're making a ridiculous accusation that I'm biased, but you're just being foolish, and there's already been more than enough foolishness from you hostile, obsequious fanboys in this thread. Do you believe that the numerous other critics of the HD-800 are similarly in some sort of delusional denial of its awesomeness? And if you don't want to post an audio sample for the whole internet, you can pretend like I'm the only one who would have listened to it, so you can pretend that I'm the only one you're denying your service. This issue doesn't revolve around me, but it's flattering that you make it out to, with your panties so in a bunch. Or if your real reason for not trying to convince me is that you can hear how wrong the HD-800 is, then stop Lying. Maybe I will sell this HD to someone with a lot of Faith, and he can have Faith the HD could sound like an 800, if only enough "tweaking", and he can make crappy Faith-music with it and I'll find another way to sound like Slayer.
  3. True, but without a demo that sounds like the real thing, I don't understand where so many here get the idea that enough tweaking is all it would take. I'm not big on faith, more into science. Most of the demos posted here include high end noise like I've never heard in any Slayer or Megadeth, or any other successful band. It was painful, and I hear it in the demo from Line6 too. I've never heard anything like it from analog equipment, so I wonder of it's aliasing. I can't imagine how you'd cut that out without cutting out the whole high end.
  4. I hear a guy who plays guitar a lot better than me but I still don't hear the Slayer tone. ... and it always depends on your equipment too.
  5. ... in which case, I did not direct any criticism at you... and yet you got all crazy with me. No one posting audio wasted their time. It's helpful not just to me, but to any number of other people reading this, and some might think the samples sound like an 800, or may just like the samples and not care whether it's like a real 800; and my opinion on that isn't important to anyone but me.
  6. I'm not looking for a community, I'm looking for an 800-simulator. Do you really not understand that? My problem is with the clowns blaming the HD's defects on the consumers; that's not most here, but it's a significant portion. I sincerely believe you need to get a life. This is a forum based on a product. Thanks to obsequious fanboys like you, Line6 feels less pressure to deliver high quality. But who cares what your music sounds like, as long as you have your 'community' here. That's retarded. I'm here researching products. So quit wasting your time telling me the HD has a bunch of amps that sound like Slayer, and quit wasting your time telling me I don't really want an 800-simulator, or telling me that I shouldn't want an 800-simulator.
  7. It's like a creepy cult. When you call a simulator an "800-simulator", some people are going to want it to actually simulate an 800. If it doesn't do that, you can rename it. Make up a name for it. But don't call it an 800-simulator if it doesn't simulate an 800, and if you see people looking for a real 800-simulator just leave them alone because real simulation isn't your area.
  8. No I won't trust you. No one's posted anything that sounds remotely like Slayer. Talk is cheap.
  9. I know from POD XT that this is a great company. A great company will try to fix their mistakes; they don't need fanboys blaming bad simulations on the consumer.
  10. I know Rust In Peace and Reign in Blood like the back of my hand (what they sound like, not how to play them), and the samples posted here don't convince me POD HD could do that, and that is no disrespect intended for the people who kindly posted samples. I want a good 800 simulator too. I'll look into the red Pods and see how they compare. And that will somehow annoy the fanatics who believe its every musician's duty to use POD HD and make what he can out of it.
  11. I didn't. I started off by saying I don't even own one. I'm not the original poster. How can this be taken seriously? As if every modeling algorithm were created equal. I engineer and program synths for living, though nothing remotely in competition with Line6 products. Next time I create a crappy product, I'll pitch it to you and blame you if it sounds crappy in your hands.
  12. People who want to simulate the sound of a particular amp. People who want to simulate the sounds of particular bands which use the particular amp: No. If it sounds good like Lady Gaga but you want to sound good like Slayer, it makes all the difference. Okay, if you buy me microphones, a space where I can play an amp in the middle of the night, and you buy me an education in recording real amps, which I've never done before. Unless simulating the 800 is one of your particular goals.
  13. Thanks for the audio samples. (!)
  14. My bad. Please. If I made something good with an 800 or 800-simulator, I'd be posting it so much, people would ask me to please stop posting it. My bad again. I am so dependent on this computer for making music, I honestly forget that people still do it the old fashioned way.
  15. If one or ten people say the 800 doesn't sound good, I don't give that much weight, because it *could* be operator-error for all I know, no offense intended to anyone. But if no one posts audio that sounds good to me, that carries weight. If someone posts a sample of it sounding good, that's more important than a test drive, because I might drive it wrong. You could give me a real 800, and I might very well make it sound bad. What's silly is people saying they can make it sound good, and then not posting samples. We all have SoundCloud. It takes 20 seconds. If a mother tells me her child is the most beautiful child ever, I'd be like, okay may I please see a photo, and if she didn't produce, I'd think maybe this parent is biased.
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