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  1. Pxlwrangler

    Mobil In Does Not Work On Ios7

    Disappointed! Tried playing guitar through Mobile In - nothing. Guitar to Mobile In to 30 pin/Lightning Port pigtail to iPad4. All other audio signals go from iPad to amp. Nothing coming through MobileIn. Just upgraded to iOS7 2 days ago. All worked before upgrade. Neighbors gone, wanted to play LOUD. Unhappy. Sad face.
  2. Pxlwrangler

    Mobile In: Lightening Connector?

    Sorry in advance, This is the only place I could find to post this question. Is there no pre-sales online support? I want to input my guitar to my Ipad 4 which has a the new Lightening connector. Is the Mobile In available with Lightening connector option or do I have to shell out another $50 to make it work? Thx