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  1. They don't make a left-handed version most likely because the Variax is not a big seller and it wouldn't be worth it to them to make a left-handed model. I understand that which is why I suggested an HD 500 type model with the Variax boards installed. After all the whole concept of both the Variax & HD 500 is "modelling" so why not combine the two - personally I think it would be a big seller.
  2. I am - the guts of my Variax 300 are in a Gretsch Jet.
  3. You are lucky silverhead. I haven't had that happen to me yet when ordering Line 6 parts from my dealer. I guess because they don't stock them - they have to order them from Line 6 and then ship them to me after they receive them. That has always taken weeks. The delivery time could be cut in half it they would drop ship them directly to me and let me pay the dealer. I've been ordering stuff like that for years from all kinds of companies - large and small - Line 6 won't do it for some reason.
  4. Flip it upside down and play it - then tell me how inspiring it is. Also I'm use to playing well built Gibson, Fender, Gretsch and Carvin guitars. Sorry but that JTV series of guitars just don't cut it for most people I know. That's why so many people are buying up the old 300, 500 Variax guitars and transplanting them into decent guitars. I'm not suggesting an external box. I'm suggesting an HD 500 with the Variax system on board. I don't use the controls on my Variax to change & store settings. That's all done with my HD 500 so why not add it to a version of the HD 500 so people aren't forced to use a guitar they really don't like.
  5. Okay I finally got a hold of a tech at Line 6 who tells me that they do in fact have parts in stock for the Variax 300 - Great! Trouble is I have to order them through a dealer or repair center which will take weeks instead of days to get. Since line 6 takes their good old time to send anything out it will most likely take a month to get my guitar back up and running again. I don't understand why a registered owner can't buy parts directly from them and cut out the freakin middle man who just slows delivery time down and adds to the cost. And if not Line 6 should at least drop ship the parts to the end user like hundreds of other companies do everyday without any problem! Unplugging the old board and plugging in the new one is not rocket science and doesn't take Einstein to figure it out. I'm not leaving my guitar at some service center for weeks when I can do the job myself in half an hour start to finish. I don't have a backup because I'm left-handed and Line 6 doesn't offer a left-handed guitar so I'm using a lefty guitar with the Variax guts transplanted. What Line 6 should do is offer a version of the HD 500 with the variax unit in it. That way a customer could use any guitar they own (as long as they have a piezo bridge installed with the proper required cabling) and wouldn't be stuck using any of those awful uninspiring Line 6 guitars. Also us left-handers wouldn't be told to lollipop off as usual. Surely you Line 6 Experts understand the situation at hand here - no need to talk down or insult any of us just because you don't agree with our opinions.
  6. Yep they are only touching the saddles - plenty of clearance over the back of the bridge to the stop tail peice. Yeah that's why I think I got a defective batch of saddles. I've had several piezo bridges over the years on my electrics (Fishman Power bridge on my Telly, LR Baggs on my 300) and this is the first time I've had this kind of problem.
  7. Very strange indeed. All strings have the problem but some to a lesser degree. The small E is the closest to being normal. I'm using the hybrid set of strings from Ernie Ball - 46 - 36 - 26 - 16 - 11 - 09 When they're out of the slots it sounds so pure - much better than it ever did on the 300 with the original LR Baggs bridge. I'm hoping it's just a defect and the replacement saddles fix the problem.
  8. The nice people at Graphtech are sending me some replacement saddles. My problem is the opposite of the usual piezo problem. Since the slots were precut at the factory and haven't been filed it appears that the saddles could be defective. The guy at Graphtech asked if I would do a test to see if they work properly as an acoustic pickup so I will be testing things before I send them back. It's just weird that when the strings are in the slots the output is weak and the Variax glitches but as soon as I move the string out and to the side of the slot the signal gets loud and the Variax sounds great. Hopefully it's just a defective set of piezo saddles.
  9. So My Variax 300 has been transplanted into my Pro Jet. I'm using a Ghost Resomax Gibson style bridge and here's what's happening. If I have the strings in the saddle slots the signal is weak and has some weird over tones happening. But if I lift the strings out of the saddle slots and rest them on the saddles to either side of the slots the tone gets pure and loud. This is a brand new bridge - has anyone had this problem or did I possibly get a defective bridge. Everything is wired correctly and grounded properly so this is puzzling me since everyone has said these Ghost bridges are better made than the LR Baggs bridges.
  10. Let's be really about this - Line 6 should keep a supply of repair parts for all their guitars...period! Hey people don't have to worry about getting parts to fix their 50 year Gibson & Fender guitars. Eventually people will stop buying stuff from companies like Line 6 who sell a product and than tells the customer to fu@k off when they need to get a part to fix it. If you can't depend on a company to support their product than you can't depend on that product to use on gigs - because it will eventually break down and become obsolete. Guitars traditionally don't become obsolete. Line 6 needs to rethink this whole issue. They suck for even considering dropping support on any of their instruments. Yeah that makes me really want to run right out and drop $1500 on a new Variax that they'll drop support on a few years from now - N O T ! I'd rather go back to using my other guitars!
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