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    Need some informations about amplifi 150 and fx100

    RUN, given my experience with the Amplifi FX100 and friends with other Amplifi products, you do not want this hot mess of support issues. Maybe you will get lucky...maybe you won't... but whatever you do.... make sure you have the PHone, Computer, and devices you want to use and don't update anyof them. I have a Solid State Brick that does nothing but eat electricity. I bought BOSS ME80 while i waited for Line 6 to provide support.... guess what works, the Boss. Hopefully they will have a solution for me that doesn't start with follow the instructions, use a different cable, computer, OS, blah/blah.... as an Electronics Engineer.... I'm not a N00B that needs to be told how to read the instructions.... Just fix it, replace it, and build a better product.... I want to fall in love with Line6 all over again... I've been here since the original POD, the 2.0, the XT and the PRO and then the XT LIVE, and the Mseries... then the Amplifi.... I have ZERO working Line6 devices in my studio at the moment...not a 1...