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  1. Hi could you give me some advice please with the effects engine on the m20d. We have a female fronting our Rock Covers Band and I'm looking for a good effect to put on her vocals. Also I'm stumped as to how the returns and sends should be set up for example should it been 100% on send or 100% on returns or both at mixed levels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated guys. Cheers
  2. Sorry so to clarify set the sends to 0db and adjust using return fader/knob because at the minute I have return at 0db and adjust the send fader/knob
  3. Gutted, I bought the Belkin N600 USB adapter and the M20D doesn't recognise it :'-( will have a look for the router, strange how they aren't the same.
  4. Thanks for that dboomer, I've purchased thei Belkin N600 so fingers crossed haha. Is there a way to set it at 5ghz or does it automatically give you the options in the drop down menu on set-up screen.
  5. Hi guys, I use the Samsung WIS12ABGN/XEC adapter with the iPad 1 and it works great till my guitarist turns on his Line 6 wireless pack, I've looked at changing the frequency on the mixer but it only gives me the option of 2.4 ghz which is the same as his pack...can anybody give me some advice etc or should I go for a router rather than a dongle. Thanks in advance \m/
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