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    Pod Hd500 Odd Behavior With Dual Amp Setup

    Hi, Not sure if everybody experiencing same issue with POD HD500. Note: Latest firmware for HD500 installed. With dual amp setup on POD, edit using PC, when place FX block (delay type, never tried another fx) after amp in path B, before mixer, path B will muted. I only can hear sound from path A. But will be resolved after I moved mixer's path B level little bit, doesn't matter plus or minus dB. Just want to check whether this specific to my unit or not. Thanks, Nasir
  2. Hi, Got my POD HD500 recently. (Still feeling disappointed they announced 500X a week after the purchase). So, I'm planning to expand my system with Variax Guitar and two DT amps, to get the dual amp setup. My nearest local store don't keep those stuff in stock, I need to pre-order, place some deposit, or buy from online store. Meaning that 'try-before-buy' is not an option for me. Trying to understand all the features, pros and cons, whether going to be a worth spending, is only by reading reviews, posting on forums and so on. Below is some items that I need to understand more, hopefully it will help me with the decision. 1. External pedal in the POD FX Loop. Thinking this will free up the DSP, and can use some of my favorite pedal Is it good to place pedal that known not a buffer-friendly, such fuzz and wah inside the loop? 2. DT Amp power section voicing/topology. From the manual, what I understand is, changing voicing and amp class, example Voicing I to IV, or Class A to A/B might not be instantaneous. It might give less issue from song to song, but how about changing it within one song? How you guys dealing with the power amp setup? Example, use Fender type Class A for clean, and goes to Rectifier type, class A/B for heavy part or lead. 3. Layering acoustic model and magnetic pickup sound from Variax guitar. This will not be an issue if using one DT Amp, with POD HD path A with the magnetic signal + AMP A, path B amp off, output to Main Output or Balance XLR output. But, if using dual amp, even if I turn off amp and path B, the L6 Link will still send the signal to AMP B, with AMP B automatically change to Channel B. What is the best way to process the acoustic signal? Use FX Loop? (another situation is layering magnetic and electric model from variax). Is there setting to temporarily turn off L6 Link between one of those DT amps? 4. DT Amp silent direct out. Is the direct out still functioning when the Master Volume not at low power mode? I know that in low power mode, the power amp section will turn off, and use modelling instead. So, lost the point why I want the DT amp at first place, and don't want to micing. If I need total silent, I can use attenuator (THD hot plate etc). The cabinet simulator for the direct out is using what you setup inside HD500, or is it from the DT amp itself? Anybody know what type of cabinet it is? 5. Wet/Dry/Wet setup. Not necessary, but thinking if I can do Wet/Dry/Dry/Wet, without additional DT amps easily. It will easy if I just thinking to use POD HD internal fx and main output to monitor, as a wet section. Both DT Amp feed setup as AMP A and AMP B, so only dry/pre signal feed to DT Amp. Post FX everything set as 100% wet, then use main output for the wet (can be monitor speaker or another power amp). *Take note that POD HD FX loop already occupied by above no 1. What I am thinking is little bit further, to tap the DT amp power section, perhaps use the Direct Out signal to feed separate fx unit or pedal for wet effects, such delay or reverb. (M9 unit will be good candidate). So, anybody with wet dry setup with DT Amp and POD HD? Thank you in advance. Nasir