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  1. Hey fellow HD 500 users. It's been about six months ago that I was on the forum, asking for suggestions to make my HD 500 sound good with my amps. After trying everything and exhausting all the ideas that I got, including Line 6 from tech support, I gave up and put the HD 500 in the closet. Now I am just about to trade it for a couple of stomp boxes and at the last minute I just can't give up on it. I *know* the HD 500 sounds great, otherwise there's no way, thousands of intelligent musicians would be using it, and I know when I first bought mine and played it through a Zinky Blue Velvet, it sounded amazing. But playing it through my Mark I Mesa Boogie and Mojave Coyote HG (neither of which have FX send and returns) It sounds horrid. Thin, tinny, hollow, and on the Boogie, ultra low volume even with the Boogie volume cranked up. So before I trade it for three stomp boxes, someone please throw me a line. How can I save my HD 500 and make it work? Is there something wrong with the unit itself and it needs to be fixed; is it just my amps; is there an amp I can buy, something inexpensive, but good, that I can play it through and make it sound great? I can't stand the idea of throwing away a great piece of gear for a couple of pedals when I know there must be a solution. Any help will be highly valued. And for the record, in the last round of trying to make it work, I did all the factory resets, tried different set ups with both my amps, and nothing worked. And I don't mean 'it sounded bad' in a subjective, subtle way, I mean it sounded terrible as in a thin, tinny, hollow, sound and in the case of the Boogie, with no volume coming through at all. If anyone can offer a solution that works, I'll get my wife to make cookies and mail them to you! Thanks! Phoenix
  2. Quick question: I was able to fix the FX return on my Mark 1 Reissue yesterday on the phone with the Mesa tech department. It turns out that my Boogie was labeled backwards at the factory back in 89, so the FX receive was actually the return and vice versa. Funny. Once we figured that out I was able to get all my time based pedals to work in the FX loop of the Mark I and so, very excited, I connected the HD 500 using the L/mono out into the Boogie return (in the end I tried it in both send and return). The result is the sound level is so low I can barely hear the sound unless I turn the Boogie (100 watts) up to 8 on the master. (normally 8 on the master would bring plaster down off the walls). Does anyone have an idea why I'm getting such a low level of sound? I tried all the different output settings on the HD 500, I tired line and amp level, and in all cases, the volume is very low. Any thoughts would be very welcome. I feel like I am so close to getting the HD working at last, but just when I get close, another glitch. Thanks!
  3. Good to know. Knowing that, I'm going to order the set with the Gilmour tones. It's ironic that I have, and use, a mountain of pedals, constantly trying to create tones, sounds, effects, sonic landscapes, that I love. And suddenly this one black box that I can just step on, does so much. I don't know if the tone is as good as my Coyote HG with pedals, I don't know if I'd use it with my band live, but man does it sound good to me in my house!
  4. Thanks John, thanks everyone. It's good to be onboard. My next step will be to start tuning the tone of the HD 500 for my Coyote and Boogie. Today I plan to get the EFX loop issue worked out on the Boogie so I can run into the EFX loop. Sounds like that will lead to better tone. One question, Glenn Delaune, on Youtube, sells presets he makes. Does anyone have any comment on these? I was thinking about purchasing a package because of the David Gilmour preset. Just wondering what the consensus is about the quality of the presets? And to find a particular artist tone on custom tone, Santana, Clapton, Hendrix, Gilmour, or the tone on a particular song, is there a good way to find those specific tones and high quality versions of them? Phoenix
  5. I calibrated the onboard exp pedal as per the link above and it works fine now. Downloaded a ton of custom tones--awesome. And played with the input settings--studio direct seems to sound best at the volume I'm playing at tonight. Hard to believe that in 48 hours I went from having an HD 500 sitting around collecting dust since last May to a unit that sounds amazing, will save me a lot of money on not buying some of the new pedals I was going to get (like a Digitech Whammy) *and* will probably cause me to retire my long chain of pedals. All in exchange for this one black box. So glad I didn't sell it.
  6. Once again, thanks to everyone for all these greatly helpful and greatly appreciated replies. I am amazed at how good the HD 500 sounds now after the reset. I hope to get EFX loop fixed in my Mark I so I can run the HD 500 through the FX loop and see how the sound changes *not* going in through the front. Tonight I'm going to try and do the pedal recalibration and try and get the on-board pedal to actuate. Then I'll work on the stereo set up and also plan to try and download the tones that GT Lazer linked me to, and try and figure out how to upload them into the HD 500; not sure how to do that. I'm glad to be part of this forum; it's my first one, and I hope to be contributing soon, once I get to know the HD 500 better. Just for the record: I ran the HD 500 into the front of the Coyote HG using an ABY, and then ran my dynacomp, Fuzz Factory, Box of Rock, Freeze, Carbon Copy, Space, and Timefactor, and RC 20 into the Boogie, and started looping and layering, simul-playing, and it was awesome. The HD 500 really does sound good, especially for the kind of tones I like which is usually really heavy rock and roll. Cheers and more soon.
  7. Sorry guys, one last question about my sound problem. The HD 500 sounds fine now after the reset, but the on-board expression pedal isn't actuating. I went through every preset tonight and the pedal doesn't work for any of them. Can anyone tell me how to get the pedal to turn on or activate? Thanks!
  8. Oh yeah! I just reset the POD and plugged in to my coyote head (the coyote has no FX loop). I used L/Mono output, set the input for stack head, and it sounds 1000% better. Thanks everyone. Now, the next question: I normally play stereo, using my eventide Time factor and Space and a looper (and my other pedals) into my Mark I RI and my coyote. I'd like to run the HD 500 stereo also. (I'm running it without any of the other pedals by the way). To run stereo do I simply plug the R/mono into the combo front? (since one amp is a half stack and the other a combo I'll have to deal with that) In the past, I tried running the POD into the FX loop of the Boogie but it was completely thin and had no volume at all. But when I tried the FX loop with other pedals (carbon copy, etc) it also didn't work, so it's the FX loop that's not working. Anyway, any tips on running stereo? Thanks.
  9. Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much everyone for all these replies. I really appreciate this feedback. I used Line 6 Monkey to reset mine to factory settings and update everything. Now I'm going to reconnect and see if it sounds better. Once I do, I'll get back with the results. Thanks, and more to come.
  10. Thanks so far to both you guys. PS: sorry for knowing so little about posting. But to reply to someones response to my post, do I go to the bottom of the page and hit 'reply to this topic' or can I click on the person's reply somewhere to reply directly back to them?
  11. Good point. No, it's not that I just don't like it; there's definitely a sound problem. It's connected to the front of the Coyote, set clean and neutral. In the POD setup menu I've selected 'power amp stack'. When I play there is a very distorted sound coming through the amp. When I first bought it and plugged it into the Zinky blue Velvet it sounded fine. I think I tried it in front and in the EFX loop and both sounded fine. But when I got my Mark I Reissue, it sounded terrible (hollow, thin, empty) out of the front of that amp. I did a comparison and it sounded fine out of the front of a fender deluxe reverb RI, so it was the Boogie that was the problem. But since then I've tried to adjust some of the parameters via Glenn DeLaune's youtube videos. Now, plugging into the Coyote there is a very distorted, harsh, sound, and still thin sounding. My frustration is that I assume the HD 500 must work well or it would't be popular. But I can't seem to make it work well for me and also there seems to be so many parameters and features that it's overwhelming. Ideally, I'd like to use it stereo sending it to both my amps, and set up a nice fuzz, univibe, wah chain. Or even use an ABY and send it the coyote while another chain of effects feeds the Boogie. But first, foremost, I just want it to sound good.
  12. This is my first post. The guitar tech at Guitar Center convinced me to buy an HD 500 and it sounds really horrible with both my Mesa Boogie Mark 1 RI and Mojave Coyote HG. I am running it into the front because neither really have EFX loops. I have it set for combo front on the Boogie and Power Amp stack on the Coyote. It sounds horrible. Can anyone tell me first of all how to reset all parameters to factory settings in case that's part of the problem. Beyond that, does anyone have any basic ideas or suggestions on what I can do to make it sound good? I'm feeling desperate. I've had it since last May and I feel like I threw my money away. Thanks for any help!
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