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  1. Oh hey, Elitist! love that band. You can actually buy their tones. Problem is, you need an AXE FX II. Once you have one, you will never ask for a tone ever again. Agreed, on buying an HD series Line 6 product. If you can get the POD HD Pro, it's your best best to obtaining that sound. You also need to understand Julian runs his own recording studio. His quality is way better than any at home recording artist can probably get. I myself asked this same question a while ago. I really like their guitar tone. But I understand his tone is professional, and well produced. Here's an idea. You can buy his tones for $15. http://www.parallelfocusstudios.com/samples And then see if you can convert (aka, use similar Line 6versions of his settings) the AXE FX settings to Line 6 PODHD PRO. You won't get precise tone, but you will get really close. Check out these comparisons You can see there are differences. But overall, not too different. I personally like Line 6s better. But that doesn't meant I wouldn't get an Axe FX in a heart beat
  2. Ofcourse! I'll upload it. And thanks Ok I uploaded it. It wouldn't let me upload the original file, so I saved it as a .txt file. Just rename the extension to .h5e and it will work. It's in the first post
  3. I doodled around with it for a day. What do you guys think? https://soundcloud.com/abe-garduno/songidea
  4. Nope, your HD is bricked as far as I know. Did you update the firmware and accidentally interfere somehow? You will most likely have to get it checked out by Line 6.
  5. I looked at mine and I don't see what you guys mean. I also checked online and I just see mainly stock photos. The real photos aren't high enough quality to see (especially if you don't know what you're looking for). Maybe I got lucky and didn't get an indented one? Pics? But I agree, it's all supposed to be rugged, not pretty.
  6. Hey guys, sorry I never got back to this thread, I don't know why I didn't. You guys rock, and thanks to everyone who responded. gchaddock1972: Thanks! I ended up not using that sound though, although it was good and I have it in my library. Thanks! I ended up making one that I think sounds pretty decent. I got one off a user here and modified it substancially. I was downloading clean tones and I heard the tone I wanted, and spent a few hours modifying it to how you guys said. I think it sounds close enough for me to be happy with, but it could still probably use some tweaking. Here is the sound and some chords afterwards. I am using an Ibanez s7420qm. I am using the second pickup setting (Single coil front) with tone knob around 9 and volume at 8 or 9. During the chords I use all the pickup selections. The last one is full on bridge pickup. Other than that, just the podhd500. No eq's or anything, this is straight from my DAW (except volume reduction, it's loud!) What do you guys think? https://soundcloud.com/abraham-garduno/peripherycleandelay
  7. Hey guys. Just wondering if you guys could help out with making a tone. It's a sound created by Misha Mansoor on his Axe FXII. I know it's not a Pod Hd (500 is the one I have), but they are crazy comparable based off everything I've seen. Infact I like the tones better on the POD HD than on the AXE FX. They sound more lively to me. Anywho, onwards. I'm trying to replicate the clean, delayed tone found in Mishas Demo of Make Total Destroy! Found here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=147108 The sound (is heard at 0:44-1:00, 1:14-2:00) Sounds like a high feedback delay, and a chorus.. But I can't figure it out for sure. You can also hear this sound on Peripherys new album, but it's more hidden since the vocals cover some of it on the album version. Can you guys help a fellow POD HDer out? Any and all help will be appreciated! Thanks! Clean.txt
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