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  1. Good on ya, Jegtar. What program are you running to get that mic functionality?
  2. I downloaded the VX drivers Thursday evening, but apparently neither Monkey or myself are smart enough to find them. ;-) Just for grins I fired up Gearbox and Pod Farm, and they aren't finding Sonic Port VX either. A conundrum, to be sure. ;-)
  3. Thanks for the comeback! My PC speaks Line6 already courtesy of a UX-1 (which I love, btw.) Just to see if anything has changed since the original post, I plugged in the VX and woke up the Monkey a few minnits ago. Monkey still doesn't show the VX in the dropdown list of devices, so which compatible device does Monkey like in order to move forward? ;-)
  4. Good morning! Santy Claus dropped a Sonic Port VX off Christmas morning. I dutifully put together a demo-quality track using GarageBand on iPad, but now I've got problems. How do I use this cool Sonic Port VX with a laptop running Win8.1? I've diligently searched all the usual websites and even a couple audio studio app sites, no joy. Not gonna go with an Apple Air, because then I'm not able to buy Line6 products. ;-) Please help me, O Wizards O Wise Ones! :-)
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