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  1. Greets, all! I've got the opportunity to play the solos for GYOW with my band, and to me the cool factor of the first solo is the feedback. What preset is anybody who already plays lead with their band having success in getting that sound? TIA!
  2. Good on ya, Jegtar. What program are you running to get that mic functionality?
  3. I downloaded the VX drivers Thursday evening, but apparently neither Monkey or myself are smart enough to find them. ;-) Just for grins I fired up Gearbox and Pod Farm, and they aren't finding Sonic Port VX either. A conundrum, to be sure. ;-)
  4. Thanks for the comeback! My PC speaks Line6 already courtesy of a UX-1 (which I love, btw.) Just to see if anything has changed since the original post, I plugged in the VX and woke up the Monkey a few minnits ago. Monkey still doesn't show the VX in the dropdown list of devices, so which compatible device does Monkey like in order to move forward? ;-)
  5. Good morning! Santy Claus dropped a Sonic Port VX off Christmas morning. I dutifully put together a demo-quality track using GarageBand on iPad, but now I've got problems. How do I use this cool Sonic Port VX with a laptop running Win8.1? I've diligently searched all the usual websites and even a couple audio studio app sites, no joy. Not gonna go with an Apple Air, because then I'm not able to buy Line6 products. ;-) Please help me, O Wizards O Wise Ones! :-)
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