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  1. I see. I'll have to play with it to figure it out then. Btw, I saw a delay calculator online too. Must be the same concept with the one you mentioned. Thanks, Silverhead. Really helpful as always!
  2. Hi Phil, just a quick one. Can dotted 8th be configured in HD400?
  3. Hi guys! Just a quick one, what could be the amp model closest to 1968 Marshall Plexi in POD HD? Or is it also included in the available amp models and i'm just not reading that much? Thanks!
  4. I see, i see. Much clearer to me now. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi silverhead, thanks a lot for your confirmation. Just a followup. Would there be any problem using the POD in STUDIO mode while playing through an amp? Would it be bad in some way for the POD?
  6. Hi, I got my HD400 2 weeks ago. I have been using and tweaking patches on STUDIO output mode since then and I use headphones for monitoring. I have tried recording and I am very satisfied with it. I tried plugging it in an amp today. As per the manual, I should be using the LIVE output mode. I connect a cable from the POD's 1/4" out to the amplifier;s input. Everytime I switch to LIVE (or even DUAL) the tone just goes really off. All the tone's body and character are gone. And it sounds dry and treblish. I tried ComboFrt, ComboAmp from setup. I read some of these types of problems in forums but I can't get to find the right answers. Question: Is there a fix for this? Should I be using the XLR out instead of the 1/4" out? Should I be tweaking tones in LIVE mode instead of STUDIO? Is there anything wrong with my POD having these issues? Help please! Thanks!
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