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  1. Hi hurghanico, thanks for you comment. Wow your recording sounds phantastic.. 100% real.. Great stuff Cheers Sacapuntas
  2. Hi folks some weeks ago I bought a Variax JTV 89 and was not really convinced. I decided to send it back although I liked the guitar as such. Some days later I have seen one again for 565 Euro at Thomann in Germany and gave it a second try. I especially like the playability of it. I somehow discovered that it is probably not right to expect when you switch from one model to the other that all sounds great right aways. It needs a bit tweaking and change of mindset. Then it can be quite nice. So the second JTV 89 became my "friend" and stays. For demo purposes I recorded a short loop ..left side Variax Tyler Jazzbox model with Kemper Andy Deluxe Reverb profile ( Right side same Variax Tyler with a Kemper Hendrikksen amp profile (a typical Jazz amp). Plus a Jazz bass in the background. Nothing special just to demonstrate Variax and Kemper sounds If you are interested.... here you can hear it. In my ears it sounds quite like a big jazz guitar with a lot of wood and percussion in the tone.…ack-to-showcase What I have learned is that when one is dedicating style and some sound adjustments, the Variax can sound really ok for demos and composition. Cheers Sacapuntas
  3. That's amazing. THanks guys - you made my day. It was never so easy to get rid of a real annoying problem. Rock on Sacapuntas
  4. Hi all could you please provide this tip again as it is not anymore accessible? Thnx Sacapuntas
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I downgraded to 1.9 and it sounded better to my ears. I have 2 real strats (very nice ones!) in the same room. I was more after the tuning options. However, all in all it sounds somehow not good enough (sorry for being so picky) and I will send the Tyler back to the shop. The models in my GR55 sound IMHO still better and for occasional usage this is good enough. Cheers
  6. Hi folks the telecaster sound of the Variax sounds quite good. However, the strat sounds so nasal and artifical. Any hints what to do? Compare to my real strats it is like a piece of .... What s your experience Thanks Sacapuntas
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