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  1. Hello! When my guitar is in certain positions comes an annoying beeping. If I move the guitar, the beeping will be louder or quieter. I attached a sample file to demonstrate this sound. What could that be? Thanks in advance! Gitarre Piepsen.mp3
  2. OMG! This worked for me! What a stupid bug but thank you, now it works. Hope they will fix it, so it works on USB 3.0 too . Edit: On my Front USB 3.0 it works too. but on my rear USB 3.0 i doesn't work.
  3. I installed the new update. Pod Farm doesn't crash anymore but the same issue as before. If I use 48kHz i get in Windows a static weird sound and in Pod Farm no sound. The same by 41kHz. I am using the UX-1.
  4. Hi! I have set the Bitrate to 16 Bit 48 kHz but the windows sound sounds like the voice of an alien in a bad Sci-Fi film. I am using the UX-1.
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