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  1. I've had my Relay G30 since December of 2014. Just in the last two weeks I've noticed dropouts when at my regular gig at my church. I purchased a second transmitter about a year ago so that I don't have to unplug the cable and plug back in when switching to a different guitar. I run them on separate channels to avoid interference between the two. The dropout occurs with both transmitters. I have already tried switching to RF1 in both transmitters, and it still dropped out. The receiver is the older type without the USB port. I asked the AV team if they had any new equipmentt that might be interfering with the G30, and they have nothing new. I plan to see if my dealer can do a firmware update for me sometime this week. Is there anything else I might could try? Do the receivers gradually wear out and lose the signal? Thanks.
  2. I play at my church mostly, and our current, interim worship leader prefers acoustic. That could change when we get a full time guy, though,. I would use the other stuff at home for fun and recording, etc. I've had an Epiphone Dot for a while and just bought a Les Paul Standard Pro. So I will get some use out of the models. Probably wouldnt come near the DSP limit anyway, unless I was just experimenting. But I like the improvements in the board on the 500X. May have to wait a bit and save up for it. I can still use my POD XT for live sound, Just can't save the presets int the computer or use it as an interface. Thanks for all your input. And nice clip, BTW
  3. Thanks, guys. That will be enough for me to run with. chuskey, I had actually thought about using the no amp setting and just shaping it with the reverb, chorus, etc. With My Taylor PS14ce, I won't need a lot there, because of the expression system built into it. Now, I just need to decide between the 400 500, and 500X
  4. Can anyone tell me if the amp models in the HD series work well with an acoustic guitar plugged in? I have a PODxt that had a couple of acoustic amlp models, but it will no longer connect to my computer. Trying to find out what my options are.
  5. When I connect a USB cable to my Podxt and computer, I get a message: USB Device not Recognized. Detail says device has malfunctioned. Try again. if it does not connect, replace the device. Is there a cheap way to solve this?
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