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  1. paid 20 bucks as is. Can a new mainboard be purchased? If not I'll just convert it to 1x12 cab. Even then it isn't a complete loss 1x12 cabs cost 70 on ebay without a speaker.
  2. seems like line 6 is still making faulty amps the spider iii had this problem. I think all line 6 amps are good for anymore is converting them into speaker cab. 2 line 6 amps one did the over heat reset and one has no output but powers on and the line in and headphone work. I just converted them to speaker cabs, since these amps are not serviceable. I wouldn't buy another line 6 product no quality control. I own many amps and the line 6 amps are the first to fail on me besides a gorilla amp i had when i was 10.
  3. I am wondering this question myself, if it is too expensive i'll just convert mine to a 1x12 cab. See a lot of line 6 amps failing, see them on clearance at pawn shops a lot as is. I don't see this type of failure rate in other amp manufactures. i think if a board is faulty they should replace it at no charge no matter the warranty status. I owned a used fender and those warranties are 5 years and are transferable. I don't mean to offend line 6 they seem like a good company but failure of these spider amps seems pretty common. I know it is off subject but microsoft covered xbox red ring of death 3 years after the warranty. Just saying if you have a common place problem like this it might be best to have people send them in or at least send them a free replacement board they can install or pay some one to.
  4. I bought a line 6 spider iii 30 watt. It powers on but there is no output when you plug a guitar in. but everything lights up and the headphone has out put and aux line in can be heard through head phones. I already tried the reset option of holding clean down. If it is the mainboard were can i get one and for how much?
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