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  1. pv5150man started discussion on 13 December 2015. Three months have gone and the editor is still missing. Fractal started shipping AXE-8. Bye, bye....
  2. I have many line 6 products and I love them. That's why I push so hard. I really want them to be a first class company, product snd service wise!
  3. Anyhow having an editor for this kind of stuff it is not an option but it is a market standard. The sooner they release it the better it is for their sales
  4. Hopefully sooner or later line6 will realize that their non disclosure marketing policy will affect sales
  5. Just try and program three different configuration (amp and PA, frfr and PA, amp s/r) for all the patches you need and, no matter how simple it is, it'll drive you crazy. Moreover the answer is still missing: when will the editor be released?
  6. I bought Helix a couple of days ago in Italy. I cannot believe Line6 does not have an editor available and, much worse, it is not even able to tell when the editor will be released. I'm wondering if my best option could be to ship Helix back to seller and buy another modeling stuff....
  7. Thanks for your Kind reply. I live in Italy and I'm not familiar with Line 6 tech support ticket. What do you suggest?
  8. Hi, I have a problem with my master volume knob. By turning the knob, even at a very slow rate, the volume jumps up and down. It take me almost a couple of minutes just to reach the right volume. I bought the mixer a couple of years ago. The problem showed up after six months and slowly got worse. I'm afraid sooner or later I will not be able to use the mixer on stage any more.
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