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  1. Or, you have bad UI PCB from the factory like mine, and which are no longer avaialble, so now i have a paper weight!
  2. Hello, I purchased a SV MKII HD100 in summer of 2013 after following the advice of someone I shouldn't have! I did not use the amp much, it stayed inside my temp controlled home for the entire time, never left the house or used to gig. When I bought this amp, I noticed the CH VOL and MASTER VOL controls did not work as well as expected, they would take the amp from inaudible to blasting in a mm of a turn. I did not have the amp sent back for repairs as I was very busy at that time. Recently I decided to go ahead and sell this amp head because I don't need it anymore. This amp has less than 20 hours of total playing time on it. I fired up this amp and began playing thru it, the MASTER VOL doesn't work at all now, and the CH VOL is unusable because it takes the volume form 0 to blasting back to 0, with no inbetween. I took the amp head apart to find the PCB for the UI are corroided and many of the connections are lose or have falled lose. It looks as if this NEW amp I purchased had old PCB's in it. IOW, I was sold a new amp that wasn't new at all, The PCB' were old, falliing apart and moldy. This is unacceptable! I have pictures available and will attempt to attach them here. Had I know 3 years ago what I know now, I would not have purchased a Line 6 amp then or ever, I hope you have better luck with yours than I had with mine.
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