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  1. Thank you guys for the replies. I played around with the cab and amp parameters but this issue wont go away. These spikes prohibit any kind of soft playing, as the initial spike is quite out of proportion to the remaining part of the note. This weekend I will take this to the local Guitar Center and compare it with the other PODs there. I hope this is an issue with only my particular piece as it would be a shame if all HD500Xs are made this way. This is my first POD, so I will test out the HD500 as well. I think this might be an A/D converter issue or something. Thanks coolwhip
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I have tried varying the pickup height to no avail. It does it on the neck pickup too. In fact I lowered the pickup so much that it half fell out of its mounting ring. I've put the impedance to "Auto". Do I change this? For me, "Auto" seems to give the best tone. I am at a loss about how I would calculate my impedance manually. I know my pickups' DC resistance, tho. And yes, I did change the input 2 to Variax (One of the first things I did :P ) I will take a look amp parameters. (I also just realized that there is a "cab parameters" tab too. Will play around with that and post results) This issue is there on almost all amp models on the 500X. With regards to another preamp, I have run the GT-10 in direct mode too, while I hated the sound, it did not have these transient spikes. I really wish the POD had some sort of transient compressor kinda thing like NI Guitar Rig's Transient Master. This issue is there while using headphones and while recording through the USB. Thank You coolwhip
  3. Hi This is my first post on this forum, so I hope I am posting in the right place. I recently purchased the Pod HD500x. I used to play on the Boss GT-10 to a Fender HRD, and on other occasions to some other tube amps through pedals. My issue is this: My POD HD500X seems to have a transient spike issue. What i mean by that is, when I play a note, the initial sound (including, but not restricted to, the pick attack) sounds much louder (though not distorting) than the remaining part of the note. I have tried to vary my picking style, but even a softly picked note produces a spike. I noticed this even when I listen to the dry signal with no amps or effects (on a much smaller scale, of course). I have tried it both with high output humbuckers and low output single coils. The initial spike is still there. I've noticed that It is more pronounced on the higher frets. The only way around this for me right now, is to crank the gain/drive up on the amp sims. I am running direct to the PA when using the POD. Does anyone who has used the 500 or the 500x have this issue? Please help, as I want to return this if it is a problem with the A/D converter. Thank You coolwhip
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