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  1. I've just been playing a little over a year now and borrowing equipment that whole time. i finally stepped up and bought my uncle's Dillion Les Paul and Epiphone Casino. I'd taken the Yamaha THR5 and a Vox back to GC twice, because I really didn't have time to learn amp settings and chords, scales, songs, etc. The Spider seemed to be the answer for now with all the saved songs, etc, many of which I'm trying to learn. I like it so far because I can actually see visually the changes each song makes and maybe improve my hearing on what different sounds sound like. One question though. Say I select Day Tripper. I know that all the effects change that light up. Does the bass,treble, mid etc also change automatically for that tune? Since there is no light associated with those knobs I wasn't sure if I need to manually adjust those. I'm hoping all that changes automatically and all I have to do is change the Master Volume. If anyone knows of youtube videos out there with a real in depth instruction on using the amp it would be great. The best one I'd found, which was short and didn't address the presets was by Rob Chappers.
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