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  1. Still not a proper statement or apology from Line 6 ,bunch of Cowboys you should sack your I T departments you've had the SDK and beta version of io9 for months no excuse shame on you
  2. Your right the Bluetooth is lousy line 6 don't either understand there software or don't care, the latest update on iPad os9 is not compatible with there software even though they have had the sdk for months, they are crap at getting back to you and when they do they don't understand your question and as soon as they have given you an answer ( even if it doesn't help ) they close the ticket. My advice send it back in a hurry
  3. I'm with you xheathen1 , it would appear line 6 don't give a damn about their customers ,once you have bought it ,your on your own, you can put a support ticket in , but that's been named incorrectly it should be called send and hope ticket I for one will be selling my line six gear, musicians need reliability ,it should just work they have had the sdk from Apple way before it was released but can't figure out what's wrong, well I could tell them ,their I T department stinks (rant over )
  4. Amplifi is crashing in the latest update on iPad os9 ,this would make the amplifi fx100 useless if I was gigging tonight , meaning that this bit of kit is worthless for stage work the very thing it was designed to do..
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