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  1. I'm assuming these will not be available for Amplifi correct?
  2. Tell friend to buy his own Amplifi :D
  3. 1. No update via Mac OS? What's up with that? 2. I updated the firmware I think. How do I know what version it's using? 3. When playing music via bluetooth, how do I prevent my phone from ringing through the amp? 4. Do I need to use the amplifi app for playing music or do I just connect bluetooth and play through the Music player on my Ipad/Iphone? Thanks
  4. Yeah, thanks. BBJ is my favorite I think. "He got a little short fuse like a spring in the box, he's a couple screws short and his engine knocks but he's all revved up and he'll plow your lollipop right down."
  5. Damn this is tough. Gotta keep busy. Recorded another yesterday. I don't like the song, but the band does, so I recorded it yesterday. Bass, drums, guitar and vocals is me.
  6. I had never heard that expression till we wrote the tune. My favorite part is "pork and beans on a Saturday night, the old folks home they treat me right"
  7. Thanks, glad someone likes us.
  8. Allow me to pimp
  9. This is for upstairs as the jam space in my basement (although heated) sometimes just is dreary to hang out in during the Winter. I gave my wife the line "It's a music player too" and she agreed to the purchase. The other day I said "my amp" and she said "our amp." It's rough waiting, but I'm like a little kid. I'll never grow up and I still feel like I need to have something to open on the morning of the 25th. It's a damn struggle. Especially since I work at home most days and the damn thing is just sitting there staring at me. It's more than tough, it's frign brutal.
  10. No candy on any of my orders. I told the last sales guy, that I'm no longer doing business with them if they put candy in the box. I was only screwing with them. This is rough though. Day 2.
  11. Am I gonna wait till Xmas day to open this?
  12. In the Pod HD Pro X edit program, I see a bunch of setlists. FX heavy, Bass / Aco / Voc, Best of HD, etc.... How do I navigate on the POD HD Pro X to these different setlists on the device itself? It defaults to Best of HD. Thanks
  13. I have a Rocktron Velocity 300 Power amp. I have the unbalanced mono out of the Pod > The Rocktron. I have the output level to amp, which I assume is correct. My questions. 1. Can I run the L6 Link out to the Stagesource L2T speaker while using the power amp as well? Remember I have the output level to amp. So I'm not sure if this is possible. If not 2. If I want to use the Stagesource L2T by itself, I would have to switch the output level back to line? Or is this switch specific to the unbalanced 1/4" outputs? Thanks
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